3 Valentine’s Day Idea’s for Busy Parents

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You all probably know that its Valentine’s Day very soon but what happens on this romantic day when you are busy parents who don’t have the time (or the energy!) to go out anywhere together or spend time as a couple?! Do you have any Valentine’s Day idea’s?

Multiple pink heart lights

Valentine’s Day idea’s

Its far more difficult to go out for the night when you have children to sort out, babysitters to arrange and you’re working on practically no sleep! Long gone are the days when you spontaneously decide to go out for a meal or watch the latest film at the cinema! So here are my 3 top Valentine’s Day idea’s without even leaving the house (or the kids)?

Cook a nice meal

I love to cook and so does Mario. We pretty much home cook every night of the week anyway, with a takeaway at the weekend but we rarely sit down and eat together at the table. It’s really nice to take the time to sit and eat together, making sure you actually have a conversation with each other! To have a conversation about your day without the distraction of the telly or your phones is important for relationships to thrive so I’m looking forward to doing this on Valentines Day!

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Watch a film

Watching films is something we love doing however to get a couple of hours where we aren’t doing anything else is very rare and I absolutely hate watching films in 2 or more parts!! Trips to the cinema are very few and far between but we have Sky cinema so at the moment we have many films currently downloaded ready to watch. It would be great to curl up on the sofa and catch up on one this Valentine’s Day!

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Open your gifts together

We always make sure to buy each other Valentine’s Day cards and although we never go crazy, we do buy each other gifts too. I usually get Mario something personal like a personalised picture or item and then some dark chocolate as it’s his favourite! When you are busy it’s sometimes easy to forget to share the opening of gifts with that special person so taking 10 minutes to do this together on the day would be a lovely thing to do. Why not have a glass of wine while you’re doing it to make it extra special?

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It’s really important for busy parents to take the time to spend days like Valentine’s Day together and it’s so easy to get swept up in ‘normal’ everyday life that it can quickly be forgotten. I sometimes find it hard to remember that although we are primarily ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’ we are also a couple too and we used to a lot of stuff as a couple before the girls came along!

It’s not always easy to find the time, money or energy to go out for the evening together but it is important to do something that just involves the 2 of you and isn’t something just for the kids again!


What are your plans for this Valentine’s Day?


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