• Canvas Print of all of us

    Capturing Family Memories with Pictabulous Canvas Prints

    Update 2020: It looks like this company no longer trade however I have found another canvas print company that do similar things so it’s still worth a read! We love taking photos and since having the girls, like most parents, pretty much all of our photograph collection is of them! We don’t tend to do anything with the photos once they have been taken, they just sit on our devices and backed up every now and again. However, every once in a while, you take a photo that you want to display for everyone to see. Then you have to decide the best way to showcase it. We worked with…

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    Create Your Own Custom Canvas Prints with Photowall

    We have always been interested in personalised and custom made products, there is something really special about creating an item that is unique to you and fits exactly what you want from it. I was recently approached by Photowall to see if we would like to create a custom wall mural or custom canvas prints and as we have been looking for a lovely print for our living room since we moved in last year, I thought it would be lovely to choose a canvas print for the wall above the sofa. Photowall is a Swedish brand with a passion for design and quality that create environmentally friendly wall murals…