• Car tyres being checked

    Smart Ways To Be Clever About Your Car Safety

    We take all significant steps to keep our vehicle roadworthy all the time. We make sure that we have checked our car for all possible parts where a breakdown could be expected. But even when we think we have done everything that is necessary, there still remain a few aspects which are overlooked. The modern world has revolutionised technology and this is applicable in the automotive industry as well. There are some basic steps you can perform for achieving better car performance and road safety: Checking the battery  Checking the engine and fuel levels of your car is not enough, checking the power source used to initiate the engine and fuel,…

  • Ford Fiesta in blue

    4 Essential Tips for Maintaining Tyres & Car’s In Lockdown

    This is a collaborative post. Now our cars have become immobile – it is a golden opportunity to show the kind of love and care our vehicles truly deserve. Storing the car for a long period of time is going to cause a strain on your vehicle’s functionality and you do not want that especially when you have a family car. You can smartly utilise this time and look after your car in every possible way in order to keep it safe and road-worthy. If you live in Yorkshire Wakefield (or other parts), you will know that many local garages are also shut down and there’s not much help available.…