• Car tyres being checked

    Smart Ways To Be Clever About Your Car Safety

    We take all significant steps to keep our vehicle roadworthy all the time. We make sure that we have checked our car for all possible parts where a breakdown could be expected. But even when we think we have done everything that is necessary, there still remain a few aspects which are overlooked. The modern world has revolutionised technology and this is applicable in the automotive industry as well. There are some basic steps you can perform for achieving better car performance and road safety: Checking the battery  Checking the engine and fuel levels of your car is not enough, checking the power source used to initiate the engine and fuel,…

  • BubbleBum.jpg

    BubbleBum Union Jack Booster Seat – Perfect for Kids Travel

    We have been on the hunt for a new car seat since we realised Mia had slightly outgrown hers a few months ago. With car seats being expensive but obviously needed, you can’t afford to get it wrong and don’t get much chance to ‘try before you buy!’ We also have 2 cars and have found ourselves almost caught out a few times when heading to pick Mia up from my mums and realising we were in Mario’s car! Luckily Grandma has a car seat in her car for us to borrow! When we were asked if we would like to try out a new design of the BubbleBum Booster…

  • Joie-Elevate-Stage1.jpg

    Mia’s growing with the Joie Elevate Car Seat!

    Mia is a tall 4 year old and over the last few months we have become increasingly aware of the fact that she is just about to grow out of her current car seat. After all of the issues we had trying to purchase a car seat for her when she was just out of her baby seat, we were not looking forward to trying to find a suitable one! Last week I wrote about Kiddies Kingdom who have their launch event on Saturday 30th July and as part of their event, we were sent a brand new car seat for Mia to try out. The car seat we were…