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    Keep Your Garden Green, Even In The Middle Of Winter

    Keeping your garden green the whole year round is a challenge of epic proportions. Most shrubs and trees don’t want to play ball. And even those that do tend to look a little worse for wear by the time we get round to February.  That’s a shame, though. The garden isn’t just something for the summertime. It’s a place you’d like to enjoy the whole year round if you can. Winter gardening can be a lot of fun. But getting it right takes a bit of work. How do you keep it looking green and verdant all day long, even when the days are getting shorter? Check out these ideas: …

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    Getting Out in the Garden This Spring

    Now that Spring is here (finally!) and the weather is getting a sunnier, we have been thinking about our garden and when to start popping in new flowers that will last through the season and into the Summer time. With us being in the UK we can never guarantee that the weather will last long enough for us to enjoy it so as soon as the sun comes out, anyone here will tell you that everyone gets out in their garden! Mia is definitely an outdoors child and Lottie is looking to be same which is lovely. Our garden may have an artificial lawn, but we love to add colour…

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    Gardening the Modern Way with the Grofresh Kitchen Garden

    I’m not naturally green-fingered, we do spend time looking after our garden and outdoor spaces but for me, there are always 101 other things I need to be doing so gardening gets pushed to the back of the queue! Add to that the fact we don’t actually have any real grass (we have artificial!) then there isn’t much chance of us growing anything! We have previously reviewed the Grocycle GroKids Gourmet Mushrooms Kit and today is the turn of a handy gadget perfect for growing plants indoors; the Grofresh Kitchen Garden. So let’s see how we can begin gardening the modern way! The Grofresh Kitchen Garden has been designed for…