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    Tips for Buying the Best Smart Scale

    Many people these days are into fitness and health. People have realised the importance of exercise and staying healthy as a means of avoiding lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, and as a trend to look and feel great. However, few people can stick to their fitness schedules or programs, especially those that don’t have fitness trainers or instructors. Sometimes they take on challenges that are just too hard for them, and in some cases, they lack the means to measure their progress and quit before they can achieve what they have set to achieve. Buying the Best Smart Scale You should know that fitness is not a destination, but a…

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    Watching my Weight with the Beets Blu Bluetooth Smart Scales

    As most of my regular followers and readers will know I have been working on my weight and confidence building. It all started about a year after Mia was born. Fast forward to today and I have had amazing opportunities to review other brands and weight loss plans as well as wearable tech brands too. When Beets Blu, who I have worked with twice before, came to me to review their Bluetooth Smart Scales I knew I couldn’t turn the opportunity down! Beets Blu, founded in 2012 are specialists in mobile apps, fitness technology and electronics and they also have their Bluetooth Smart Scale which fits in nicely with their current product…

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    How I got on with the 8-Week My Coach School Summer Challenge!

    Now it’s been a while since I did a proper workout. Since having Lottie, I have been a bit hit and miss with when and how I work out! I have been trying to get back into it for the last 6 months and even went to a class where I could literally wear Lottie while keeping fit. When she got too big (and heavy) to carry in a carrier, we stopped going so I have been making an effort to walk more which I really enjoy. However, with Summer fast approaching I was excited to delve into the 8-week My Coach School Summer Challenge! My Coach School is an…

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    The Body Confidence Program Intro Review

    Most of you will know that at the moment I’m focusing on health and fitness. Over the last few months I have tried out plenty of diet plans to keep me going for a lifetime and the main thing I have learnt is that they are more than likely a short-term fix. For someone like me that enjoys cooking, eating and everything that goes with it, I’m looking for something a little more long-term as well as easily being able to fit it around my daily life without too much fuss. I put myself forward to try out the Body Confidence 8 Week Programme and I’m now in my 3rd…