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    Home Breathalyser with the Alcosense Excel

    Over the Christmas period we all like to enjoy a few drinks, for most of us we will stop after 1 in order to drive home again at the end of the day however are we ever 100% sure of the way that alcohol affects us and our bodies? We may think that the next day we are perfectly fine to jump in the car but are we ever sure this is the case? There are many times I drive home the morning after a few drinks but if I were stopped for whatever reason and breathalised, would I be sure I was under the limit? Now you can with…

  • Box of AlcoSense Excel Home Breathalyser

    Our AlcoSense Excel Home Breathalyser 2 Years On!

    Depending on how long you have been a reader of mine, you will have seen that a couple of years ago we were sent an AlcoSense Excel home breathalyser kit. At the time of being sent it, it was just before Christmas and the breathalyser was a really useful tool to make sure that the day after an evening out or a few drinks at home, we were still ok to drive. You would be surprised how many people just presume that they are absolutely fine to drive their cars and their families, after a night of drinking! It’s not always the case that all of the alcohol has left…