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    The Signs That You’re Ready to Move to a New Home

    It can be tricky to know when is the best time to move onto pastures new and find a new home to live in. The whole moving process from finding somewhere else, to packing up your things and moving can be a long process that does take a lot of effort. So you need to assess if moving at this point in time is going to be worth it for you. Are you going to be giving up something good when there isn’t really a reason to?  Signs That You’re Ready to Move When you break it down, you need to remember that your home needs to be a haven…

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    Snapshot Of The Month – February

    We have been really busy this month, enjoying lots of time just the 3 of us in the new house as well as Mario and I having a lovely weekend without Mia! We didn’t do a lot except explore some of the nice bars nearby but it was nice to spend the time just the 2 of us together. So here are some of my favourite Snapshot Of Our Month! So there it is, another busy month and with Mia’s 4th birthday fast approaching, we are going to be busy next month organising her Pirate party! Join us next time for another snapshot of the month!

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    Snapshot Of Our Month – January

    Welcome to another Snapshots Of Our Month! I can’t believe it’s the end of January already! It’s absolutely flown by and we have done so much over the past few weeks it’s been hard to keep up! Last month I said I was hoping for a quieter month but that has not happened at all! Thanks for reading the Snapshots Of Our Month, its lovely to look back and see just how much you have done in a single month! Next month is busy again with 2 birthdays and 3 evenings out which is a massive rarity for me I have to say!  

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    Searching For Our New House Together

    I fully believe in the premise that you get out what you put in and it’s not been proven more correct than in our search for our first proper house together! Mario moved into our (now old) house a couple of months before me and although he chose it with me in mind and we loved it, it wasn’t quite right for us as we got older and eventually brought Mia home on that very first day after she was born. Last year we decided we had finally had enough of the area and being in a semi-detached so started the search for our next new house together. We want…