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    Top 6 Fun Outdoor Activities to do

    People are getting antsier cooped up indoors with the stay-at-home orders worldwide. That makes outdoor activities an excellent way to change scenery and bond with your family and friends. You can engage in various fun things outside when you need some fresh air or outdoor adventure. The best thing about outdoor activities is that they are quite affordable, making them suitable if you are tight on cash. Here are ideas that you can use to make a memorable day out alone or with your loved ones. Here are some fun outdoor activities: A Scavenger Hunt A scavenger hunt is an ideal outdoor activity that you can be sure to enjoy…

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    Woodland Hedgehugs Activity Book Review

    As a Boolino Friend, we get the opportunity to read some lovely story books and this month is no different. We were asked if we would like to read the brand new book in the Woodland Hedgehugs series; a series of books about 2 little hedgehogs called Horrace and Hattie who go on some amazing adventures together.  The newly launched book is slightly different in that it is an Activity Book filled with lots of fun things to do and look out for while you’re having your own little adventures!