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    Looking And Feeling Fantastic While You’re Pregnant

    There is often this misconception that pregnant women have to dress in baggy, dull and dated clothing. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and thankfully people are beginning to realise that. So how can you make sure you’re looking and feeling fantastic while pregnant? Thanks to celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Fearne Cotton and Sarah Michelle Gellar, we are all embracing how the yummy (soon to be) mummy can be the ultimate trendsetter. Therefore, keeping that in mind, this blog post will reveal the top trends in autumn maternity wear, to ensure that your wardrobe is bursting with everything that is fashionable and fabulous.  Whether you have fallen pregnant naturally…

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    Keeping Active during Pregnancy with SpeedBump Maternity Activewear

    Over the last few years I have been really enjoying working out at home and I have tried quite a few different programmes and workouts. In that time I have rediscovered my love of Yoga and despite damaging the rotator cuff in my shoulder practicing a Downward Dog(!) I kept it up throughout the start of my pregnancy as I knew how important it is keeping active during pregnancy. However I soon got to the point where Yoga was becoming uncomfortable due to my clothes feeling a little bit tighter and me generally feeling really really tired all the time! During that time I was approached by an active wear…

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    Bemama: Helping To Get Back to ‘Me’ After Childbirth

    Anyone who has had a baby will know how difficult it is in those first few months let alone years, to have some ‘me time’ and feel at least a little bit normal again! Since having Lottie, I have struggled massively with not feeling myself and not having time to do anything for me with 2 children now wanting my attention 24/7! It took me around 3 months to realise I needed to change my daily routine and add in some time for me to look after my skin morning and evening. I now make sure I cleanse and moisturise each morning before I go to bed as well as…

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    36 Weeks Bump Update!

    Welcome to our 36 weeks bump update! Here’s week 32 in case you missed it! Well hopefully this will be my last update for you all as we edge very close to our due date! It could all ‘kick off’ at any time now and with Christmas and the New Year being just before hand, everything is feeling very busy! It’s not the time for feeling absolutely shattered that’s for sure! Anyway, take a look at how I have been getting on over the last 4 weeks and heading into the final stretch! 22nd November: Today I had my midwife appointment. Everything with baby is absolutely fine, she is positioned…

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    32 Weeks Bump Update

    Welcome to our 32 week bump update! Here’s week 28 in case you missed it! It is literally flying by and I can’t really keep up with these updates! We have been busy getting last minute bits and bobs and today I ordered a few more toiletries, a changing mat and a perfect prep machine. We haven’t yet sorted out another scan as we wanted to experience a private one this time round so that’s on our to-do list! I think we are about ready apart from I still haven’t practised putting the buggy in the boot yet! 21st October: Today Mia and I packed my hospital bags! It feels…

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    28 Week Bump Update

    Welcome to our 28 week bump update! Here’s week 24 in case you missed it! I can’t believe how fast it’s going and we now have only 3 months to go! I have been feeling very tired, not helped by Mia being at school now and having to get her up and organised on time but also because the dreaded acid re-flux keeps rearing its ugly head! Some days are absolutely fine and others I know from the minute I wake up, it’s going to be a bad day! 24th September: Today we spent most of the day sorting out the loft and getting all of the baby things down.…

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    3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Changing Bag

    When I was pregnant with Mia, I looked at lots of different styles of changing bag ready for when she was born but being a first time parent, I didn’t see anything that looked either big enough or sturdy enough for what I would need. It was also really confusing trying to decide what kind of style and type of bag would be the most suitable. We ended up buying a Cath Kidston bag that wasn’t a changing bag but that was big and able to carry everything I needed on a daily basis. The only problem was that it didn’t have a big strap and it was too big…

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    24 Week Bump Update

    Welcome to our 24 week bump update! Here’s week 20 in case you missed it! I can’t believe how fast it’s going and we are starting to plan the baby’s room and move bits and pieces around so it’s feeling a little bit more real now! I ended up going for an extra check-up this month as I had been feeling really stressed with Mia starting school and everything so I went to hear baby’s heartbeat and everything is perfect thankfully! 29th August: Just a quick update today as we have been for our 20 week scan today! I took mum, Lauren and Mia with me today as Mario works…

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    Gender Reveal – We are Having a ….

    Hi everyone! Just a quick update on how we are getting on! We went for our 20 week scan on Tuesday and as Mario works away now he couldn’t come so my mum, sister and Mia came with me this time. Mario and I went for a Window to the Womb scan last week so we already knew what we are having but we kept it a secret from everyone for a whole week! So here is our Gender Reveal! I was really impressed with the scan we had and I don’t remember it being so amazing when we went for Mia’s 20 week scan! The level of detail was incredible…

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    Top 5 Nutritional Foods for Pregnant Mums

    Written in collaboration with HARTMANN Direct Staying fit and healthy is a life goal for many people but for expectant mums, it is essential for helping their body overcome the obstacles and demands that pregnancy places on the body. HARTMANN Direct identifies five nutritional foods that help keep your pregnancy body in tip top condition. #1 Eggs Eggs are a great source of protein and are a crucial part of any diet. The amino acids that make up protein are the essential building blocks for you and your baby. Eggs also contain a dozen or so vitamins and minerals, all essential in helping your baby develop properly, especially the brain…

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    20 Week Bump Update!

    Welcome to our 20 week bump update! Here’s week 16 if you missed it! I can’t believe how fast it’s going and I’m already half way through which is a scary thought! The last 8 weeks haven’t really seen a huge change other than we got to find out the sex of our baby (look out for our big gender reveal!) and my bump is still really small! 2nd August: So I have been struck down by the dreaded cold that Mia had last week! I have to say I feel rough! It’s hard because the only thing I can take is paracetamol which doesn’t do a great deal but…