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    Keeping Sun Safe with Solero Sun Protection

    Like many of us in the UK we are not used to the hot weather! We never know whether it is going to be nice or not and one minute it can be sunny, the next minute raining! If you are looking for Summer Holiday Fashion (for all weathers) I have written about that too! When we do get hot weather it does have its downsides and for me, and that’s sun cream! I’m not a fan at all and only wear it when I absolutely have to! Here’s how we have been keeping sun safe this summer with Solero Sun Protection! With having the girls now, I obviously make…

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    How to Combat Hay Fever Before it Takes Hold

    I have previously written about my struggles with hay fever and the problems that this causes me on a day to day basis. When the nice weather arrives (or even beforehand!), I have to take antihistamine tablets and use a steroid nasal spray. So I’m always looking for ways to combat Hay Fever so I can enjoy the sunny weather when we get it! The other issues caused by my hay fever are problems with breathing whilst asleep in bed and generally having sinus-type problems. I have had numerous tests done over at the hospital to do with my sleep issues. Whilst nothing major can be done unless the symptoms…