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    Why You Should Get an Olivia Burton Watch

    Mario is a huge watch lover and for the last couple of years I have slowly been getting into watches myself. I used to think that wearing a watch was literally just to tell the time and so why would there ever be a need to own more than 1, let alone a nice one! However, since Mario has opened my eyes up to the watch world, I now realise the error of my ways and I love watches! When I was 21 my mum took me out to by me a watch as a birthday present. I chose a small silver one with a purple face which was lovely…

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    Men’s Christmas Gift Guide 2017

    Hello and welcome to my Men’s Christmas Gift Guide 2017! I have left it a little late this year to get my guides out as it’s been a bit hectic here over the last few months but I’m about there with Christmas and also with the new baby preparation ready for January! I have now done my Christmas shopping and (as of yesterday) everything is wrapped and ready to go! I’m looking forward to spending some time with Mario and Mia and our last Christmas as a family of 3! So here is a quick roundup of all of the gifts perfect for the men in your life, in case…