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    Essential Checklist To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

    Homes, like relationships, deteriorate faster when there is a lack of attention. Preparing your home for winter is not exactly about how you plan on spending your fall, but it is a necessary task. According to statistics, the United Kingdom recorded over 25,000 winter-related deaths last year, and experts fear a potential 120,000 due to the COVID-19. For your own health and safety, it’s a good idea not to put off getting your home ready before winter hits. Take a look at this checklist to find out some of the tasks that you should consider taking on before the cold sets in. Insulate your doors and windows  Surging bills reduce…

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    How to Prepare Your Home For The Winter Months

    October is many people’s favourite time of the year- the autumn months mean that though the days are growing shorter, there are still some days of enjoying some of the last of the summer warmth, the trees show us their beauty by changing colours, Starbucks brings back it’s PSL- honestly? What more could you want? Well, the autumn is also the perfect time of the year to start preparing your home for the winter before the cold sets in and you and your family get to spend more cosy evenings snuggled up together with blankets.  Here are some of the things you should do to prepare your home for winter. …

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    How to Keep Warm in the Face of a Particularly Bitter Winter Season

    Winter is everybody’s least favourite season, that’s pretty much a given. It’s cold, nothing happens (barring Christmas and New Year) and the shadowy cloud of permanent illness hangs over us all like a grim spectre. It’s an expensive season too, with Christmas leaving a rather hefty void in many pockets. But the Winter months don’t HAVE to be miserable. There can be nothing more satisfying than cuddling up in a snuggly jumper next to a roaring fireplace with a hot, thick bowl of soup and a cup of tea. Not everyone has access to a fireplace of course so in this guide we’ll discuss a variety of ideas to show…