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    Keeping Active during Pregnancy with SpeedBump Maternity Activewear

    Over the last few years I have been really enjoying working out at home and I have tried quite a few different programmes and workouts. In that time I have rediscovered my love of Yoga and despite damaging the rotator cuff in my shoulder practicing a Downward Dog(!) I kept it up throughout the start of my pregnancy as I knew how important it is keeping active during pregnancy. However I soon got to the point where Yoga was becoming uncomfortable due to my clothes feeling a little bit tighter and me generally feeling really really tired all the time! During that time I was approached by an active wear…

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    Fighting Fitness-related Aches and Pains

    Keeping fit gives you lots of benefits, helping you to stay healthy and happy, but it can come with some downsides too. Everyone has felt the aches and pains of the aftermath of a tough workout, and sometimes you can experience more than just muscle aches. When keeping fit leads to pain, it gets in the way of your fitness goals. It can make it tougher to reach your goals and sometimes bring you to a stop. But there are things that you can do to deal with the fitness-related aches and pains that come with exercising regularly. If you want to keep on exercising and keeping fit, take a…

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    5 Lessons Learned From Lockdown

    With the world in and out of quarantine and lockdown, many people have become acutely aware of what it is like to not have regular access to the services provided to them on a regular basis. A good number of them have allowed good habits to slip, which in the long term can seriously affect their health along with the other negative effects that isolation can bring.  Lessons learned from lockdown Looking after yourself and relying on others has become something that many have had to seriously focus on in order to prevent them from slipping into bad habits that would require correcting later on. So with the world still…

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    Creating and Looking After Your Healthy Post Natal Body

    You may remember my last post about Healthy Post Natal Body Review. I did a quick halfway through update a few months ago but I thought I would give you an update on how I got on at the end of the programme! First a quick bit about the programme itself. Healthy Post Natal Body was founded to help mums, like me, to become more confident in their bodies by giving them fitness plans and advice to get their health back! It doesn’t focus on weight loss or getting your ‘pre baby’ body back. Its instead all about achieving a healthy body and feeling confident yourself after having a baby.…

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    Healthy Post Natal Fitness for Busy Mums – 3 Month Update!

    We all know how difficult it is to keep fit when you’re a mum. The last thing I wanted to do when I had given birth was think about doing a workout. I have always enjoyed keeping fit and continued to do Zumba and Yoga right through both pregnancies, but it took me a while to get back into it once baby came along! I have spent a while looking for the perfect fitness routine that’s easy to do with children but that also doesn’t take ages to set up and actually do. When you’re a parent you need a workout that’s ready when you are, ready when you can…

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    Getting Fitter with Adam Newman’s Lean Ladies Fitness Programme

    We all know I like a good fitness programme, I have tried out so many now on my blog however my most recent programme has to have been one of my favourites! Whether it suited my lifestyle better, fitted in with real life or I’m just becoming more used to working out regularly, I have really enjoyed the last 6 weeks following Adam Newman’s Lean Ladies Fitness Programme! The Lean Ladies Fitness Programme is a 6 week set of daily workouts designed for beginners to work out each day from the comfort of their own home whilst achieving their goals of getting fitter, toning up, or losing weight. Adam Newman…

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    Why it’s a good idea to think about using Gym Gloves in the Gym

    Gym gloves can either make or break your exercise routine. For some reason, it is normal to see people in the gym lifting heavy weights with their bare hands. On the other hand, there are gym-goers who swear by gloves. If you are one of those who are confused about wearing or not wearing gloves at the gym, then this post is for you! We answer one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to the proper exercise garment, should you wear gym gloves?  We often get asked about gloves. Is it a good idea to wear a pair of them when hitting the gym? We all know…