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I have created this little resource page to give you some quick links to great products and services that we currently use at home.

I think you will find them really useful too!

I have split them into categories to make them a bit easier to find and I will add to them once we have found some more fab products! Let me know if you have any of your own recommendations!


Amazon Wedding – I don’t know about you, but I shop on Amazon for literally everything! I’m not sure what I would do without Amazon Prime so it makes sense to me that you would use it for your wedding gifts! Create a wedding wish list and add items you really want for friends and family to then go and check off things they are getting you. So much easier for them and for you!

Cheeky Wipes – We stepped up our efforts to become eco-friendlier and one of the first things to go were wipes. I wasn’t sure at first, but we now use no wipes in the house for anything! The transition was so easy with Cheeky Wipes and it doesn’t cost you a fortune. Literally the best reusable wipes I have used! Use my link and get 15% off your order!

Clippasafe Home Safety Kit – with little ones around you need eyes in the back of your head but this kit helped protect our 2 from nasty bumps and knocks!

Easytots Bib – bibs are such a staple when you have young children, but we have these by Easytots. They are easy to wash and just do the job! Use code MUMMYDADDYMIA10 at checkout for 10% off! 

Easytots Mat – a game changer when it comes to dinner times! This mat suctions to the table or highchair to stop young children knocking (or throwing!) everything off the table! We have the mat and the bowl and use them literally every day! Use code MUMMYDADDYMIA10 at checkout for 10% off! 

HappySelf Journal – taking care of our mental health is so important and even more so with our children. We gave Mia this journal to fill out each day with how she is feeling, and it’s helped her to understand and express her emotions better!

Micro Scooters – Mia struggled with scooters until we got a Micro Scooter! She loves it! So easy to use and balance on, the scooter is 3 wheeled so is really great for her!

Paint Sticks – I’m the first to admit that I’m rubbish when it comes to crafting! I really dislike the mess and definitely prefer the kids to make things outside of the house! However, we love these Paint sticks as the kids can paint their favourite pictures with no mess whatsoever! We gave them to Lottie when she was a baby and she thought they were great without getting paint everywhere!

Tommee Tippee Bowls – we have never had anything other than Tommee Tippee but I find them so good! Each bowl, plate and cutlery set we have had gets used on a daily basis and they are still going strong 6 years on!

Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender – we love this not only for blending Lottie’s food when she was weaning but also for making smoothies, soups and anything else I need to blend! It also steams so great for small portions of veg!



Annabel Karmel Book – we were bought this when we had Mia and literally followed it to the letter when weaning her. I loved the planning side of it and it meant I felt I was giving her everything she needed for the 1st 18 months of her life. I used it again when we had Lottie and to be honest, I still make them things from it now like the cottage pie and meatballs!

Joseph Joseph Knife – I always hated sharp knives and never used them when cooking however when I moved in with Mario and got really into cooking, a good knife really changed my life! Jospeh Joseph is one of my favourite knife brands

Musclefood- we reviewed these a while ago but were really impressed with the fact that they send you real food that you can use for all the family. They currently do amazing meat boxes that are really good value and will keep the whole family fed for about a month!

Russell Hobbs Hand Mixer – I’m really into baking and it’s something the kids are getting into now. We have a mixer machine, but the kids love hand mixers and they are a little easier for them to manage. Russell Hobbs are my favourite brand for baking tools


Adobe – if like me, you take a lot of photos, you will know how important photo editing is. I wouldn’t be without Photoshop as it makes my photos look amazing and I can also use so many different tools when creating visuals for my blog

Blogs change lives – one of my favourite bloggers of all time is Aby Moore. She has helped me grow literally all aspects of my blog over the last few years! Her book is the perfect place to start if you’re thinking about writing a blog or if you have one already. Packed with loads of tips too!

Canva – the best tool ever for creating whatever blog visuals you may need! Really easy to use and the template bank is huge! There is a free version which is enough for starting with, but the extras are worth paying for!

Degustabox – if like us you love snacks and trying new things, this box is for you. Each month a variety of different snacks and drinks are delivered to your home and theres nothing we don’t like! It’s a great way to try new things and we love a good subscription box!

FFS Shaving – I’m rubbish at remembering to change my toothbrush let alone my shaver head so I subscribed to FFS Shaving a while ago and they send out my replacement heads each month which is fab!

Million Dollar Smile LLC – If you like your teeth whitened, I would recommend these guys as the kit is really easy to use and the results are really good! I want to get my teeth straightened a bit more and then I will try these again

MVPower Window Vac – I never knew I needed this until we got it! I know use this every week and it helps to combat the condensation issue we have on our upstairs windows! So easy to use!

Olivia Burton Watch – One of my favourite watch brands as the watches are so pretty! I have a navy one and bought my sister a rose gold one for Christmas one year. If you’re looking for a pretty watch, check these out

Pretty Gifted Wrapping Paper – I love these! I now wrap all of my gifts with personalised wrap! You choose the text colour, text type and image. The quality is amazing, and you get tags and a metallic pen too!

Resmed+ – I love tracking my daily life and wear my FitBit 24 hours a day! We started tracking our sleep patterns just before having Lottie as you can tell a lot about yourself from your quality of sleep. This device monitors your sleep and helps you get a better night’s sleep

Wizmops – I love this! Literally the handiest mop you will ever need to use! I use it in the kitchen when the kids have had their dinner!


Fitbit Flex 2 – I have had a Fitbit for over 7 years and I’m on my 2nd version now. They are amazing for tracking your steps, heart rate and exercise but I can also get notifications of calls and messages on the one I have now and it’s so useful!

What are your top products at the moment?


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