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    5 Summer Fashion Essentials for New Mums

    Many of you will be hoping to set off on holiday in the next few months (hopefully!). If you’re anything like me, it will be quite a stressful time. Not only are you dealing with all of the usual things with the kids, but you are also away from home, possibly in another country, managing hot sweaty children while being hot and sweaty yourself! The last thing on your mind are your own summer fashion essentials! We usually go away at Feb half term when the weather is ok but a bit chilly! I used to enjoy great holidays in the UK when I was little so I’m really looking…

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    5 Summer Holiday Toy Essentials

    Summer is just around the corner and we have been enjoying some absolutely gorgeous weather here in the UK (which is unusual for us!). I know how tricky it is to keep the kids entertained for such long periods. Mia gets a bit bored after a couple of days and the novelty of not having to get up for school wears off! So, I have put together a list of 5 summer holiday toy essentials. Swingball A classic, well-loved game. Simple but effective! We had one as children and when we had stopped trying to hit each other round the head with it, we actually loved it! Fast paced and…


    Deliver Little Treats with the Baker Days Letterbox Cakes

    Everyone loves cake, well I’m pretty sure everyone loves cake so when I answered a request for reviewers from Baker Days, who are also a local business to me here in Nottingham, I was so excited when they said they would send me their Letterbox Cake through the post! Coming at a great time for Mario’s birthday I was straight onto the laptop to delve into their huge selection of personalised celebration cakes! Baker Days are a celebration cake specialist, creating beautiful personalised cakes for any occasion. They have a massive range of personalisation features, recipes and sizes of cake and can even design you a cake if you can’t find one…

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    Summer Family Fun at Sundown Adventureland!

    We are always looking for new family fun things to do and with Mario working away a lot at the moment, the weekends tend to be spent as a family doing things together. We do enjoy going to local parks and feeding the ducks but sometimes we want to go somewhere a little further and spend the day. For this we usually pick Robin Hoods Wheelgate as we have annual passes for there however my mum has started taking Mia to Sundown Adventureland which is literally down the road from them. I last went to Sundown Adventureland when I was about 10 years old and I had really bad sun…

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    Sustainable Clothing with IDentity Lingerie

    I have recently started buying more clothes for myself. After 8 years of being a mum 1st and Becca 2nd, I decided it was time to think of me and how I look now I’m feeling a bit more like me and gaining more confidence in myself. On my last shopping trip, I bought quite a few bras as the 2 I bought when pregnant with Lottie 3 years ago, were looking a bit shabby and tired! I treated myself 2 a set of 3 pretty bras and it’s amazing how nice underwear can really ‘lift’ your outfit! I was approached by a small family run business called IDentity Lingerie…

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    Back in Time with Mr Big Tops Retro Sweet Boxes

    I love sweets; well, I love anything sweet if I’m honest and so when Mr Big Tops contacted me to see if I wanted to try out their very own retro sweet boxes, I was really excited! Mr Big Tops are a subscription box and occasion box service based in London, where from twice a week to once a month you can sign up to be sent a letterbox sized treat of retro, traditional, and old-fashioned sweets through the post! When my sweet box arrived, I was really impressed with just how much they had got into the box. As it is letterbox sized, I was expecting around 4 different…

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    Looking After Your Older Relatives

    The pandemic has been especially difficult for older people who were perhaps already struggling with isolation and daily activities. That’s why they have needed extra support in the last year and a half such as online deliveries and supportive phone calls. As the pandemic comes to an end there’s no reason why the extra levels of support should too. Whether your older relative has a long term condition or simply lives on their own, here are some ways you can offer them extra support if you’re looking after your older relatives. Pick up the phone  It can be a long day when you’re older and living alone, you don’t necessarily have…

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    Cleaning the Car with BD Clean Car Products

    Mario is obsessed with his car and I mean obsessed! We aren’t actually allowed in Mario’s car very often as he likes it to stay spotlessly clean and unMia-ed! So when he gets a spare 3 hours on a weekend (yes, 3 hours!), he can be seen happily washing, drying and polishing his beloved motor from top to bottom. Every now and again, he even finds time to do mine, of which I’m very appreciative! (I hate cleaning, let alone cleaning my car and God forbid I take my new car through a car wash!). Mario has also written a blog review, comparing BD Clean car products to other cleaning products on…

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    Teaching your Child to Stay in Bed with the Gro Company Gro-clock

    We have always been fans of the Gro Company. When Mia was born we bought her a number of Grobag’s which were amazing as Mia could get all snuggled up in bed with us knowing she was sleeping safe and securely. We also bought a Gro-egg which we have used right up until very recently to accurately measure the temperature of her bedroom. So when The Gro Company were looking for bloggers to review another of their products, I put myself forward and was really excited when they picked me! The Gro Company specialise in the manufacturing of safer sleep solutions for babies and make everything from Gro-lights to black out…

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    Home-Cooked Food & Meal Planning With Annabel Karmel

    Since both of us know our way around a kitchen, it was almost obvious that we would choose to home-cook Mia’s food once she was ready for it. She was interested in our food from as little as 3-4 months and we ended up giving her bits of finger-food as soon as we knew she could manage it. By 6 months she was starting to eat small portions of everything we ate. We were given a really useful recipe book by Annabel Karmel (Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner) as a present when Mia was born and as I like to be in control and planned for things, I found…

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    3 Post Workout Snacks You Really Shouldn’t Be Having

    After hours of exercise, the last thing you want to do is indulge in sweets or greasy take outs that will undo all the hard work you just put in at the gym. Post-workout foods are great, and you need them to restore your energy and rebuild your worn-out muscles, but you should take the healthy kind and not those loaded with trans and saturated fat. Workouts can take a lot out of you, and your body needs to bounce back after the intense strain. With this in mind, here are three post-workout snacks you should altogether avoid. Carbonated drinks  You may be tempted to reach out for a cold…