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Hi everyone, welcome to my weight loss post #3!

Well nothing much to report other than I have done what I said last week and eaten a bit better, I have been rethinking what I like to eat and making the effort to cook more which I love doing! I have also done my 7000 steps a day using my Fitbit so that’s an achievement in itself! I have maintained once again however I’m still happy with that as I plateaued for 6 weeks a few months ago and then started to lose again so I’m not going to beat myself up about it! As long as I’m not gaining, I don’t mind!

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I feel so much better in my clothes and I’m feeling much more confident in myself, me and Mario are going out a lot more and getting dressed up to go out is helping me feel good. I do struggle with confidence so us going out a bit more is forcing me to get on with it and enjoy going out again. I’m also having to find new clothes to wear so that’s always nice! Let’s see what next week brings…. 🙂

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Weight-Loss this week: None

Weight-Loss Total: 10lbs



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