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3 Simple Tips for a Little More Style in Lockdown

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Little More Style in Lockdown
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Being a parent is hard and it can take its toll on your life. Whether it’s not getting enough sleep because of the kids, neglecting your hair since the salons are closed or staying in your PJs because, well, you’ve nowhere to go.

Obviously, you can’t go out on the town or see your friends at a social gathering, but that doesn’t mean you have to let things slide. Sticking to your normal routine will keep you going until the lockdown is over and it’s very easy to slide into a not-bothered state. So how can you have a little more style in lockdown?

Also, with Valentine’s Day coming up, you may want to look your best for your partner and make the most of the day and each other, even though the kids will be all over the home, so make sure to do the following:

  • Dental routine
  • Accessorise
  • Groom

A Little More Style in Lockdown

Keeping up a good dental routine is vital right now as most dentists are only seeing emergency patients while accessorizing your style can keep you feeling a little sure of yourself. Grooming has gone out the window with lockdown but it’s important that you keep this up for when you eventually emerge from the home when the lockdown is over.

Love Those Pearly Whites

Keeping your teeth clean and fresh plays a pivotal role in personal hygiene and it’s a necessary routine that children should be taught from pretty much day one. The consequences of poor dental hygiene as a child can be the bane of your life as an adult with conditions such as gum recedes, gingivitis and extractions. No one wants a tooth removed.

Having said that, you may already have a good dental routine and won’t need to worry about having to see the dentist as most are only taking emergencies at the moment. You might however want to stay on top of things and perk up your teeth with some dentist teeth whitening solutions so you can show off your perky grin the next time you see your friends, whenever that might be.

Look Good, Feel Good

Dressing well has a direct impact on the way you feel about yourself since it not only projects an air of confidence it is a direct reflection of expression. Self-image can play a crucial role in the way we think about ourselves and looking good, at a time, goes a long way towards a healthy self-improvement plan.

Dressing up well and adding fashionable items to your wardrobe isn’t just for going out. You would be amazed at how you feel by the simple act of accessorising yourself even when you’ve nowhere to go. A nice-fitting thin pashmina or shiny matching bracelet and necklace for the ladies or a new watch for the men (let’s face it, there aren’t many choices for a man) can make you feel fresh and smart even just doing your everyday tasks.

Don’t Let Things Slip

We have all seen the hilarious images online or on TV of relatives and celebrities who have had their hair cut by a family member or even themselves because salons are currently closed. But while the salons and barbers are closed, this doesn’t mean you have to stop taking care of grooming.The act of composing yourself for the day, whether it’s styling your hair, shaving or trimming the fingernails helps prepare you for the day you are about to face. Grooming not only promotes a good self-image but helps with confidence and physical tasks. Changing the sheets with a hangnail can be a nightmare while a stray strand of hair or a long beard is just too tempting for the baby to pull on.

I hope you have found some ways that you can have a little more style in lockdown!

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