Recipes full of healthy eating, easy batch cooking, and lots to make with the kids!

  • Sausage Traybake with Vegetables
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    Family Friendly Recipes Anyone Can Make at Home

    I have been meaning to write about family mealtimes for ages and when I started thinking about Lottie and how she eats now, I found that one of the main problems I have at the moment is the fact that I am now cooking 2 hot meals every day at different times. This is fine when I have time to but more often than not, I don’t get chance to and I don’t always have a load of previously cooked meals in the freezer ready to whip out when I need one. We are always looking for family friendly recipes. Family Friendly Recipes Lottie is eating pretty much everything now…

  • Jane Plan guide and planners
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    Jane Plan’s Diet Delivery Service

    Usual followers of my blog will know that at the moment, I’m really interested in dieting and whether following a set diet plan will be sustainable long-term or as soon as you finish them, you just pile the weight back on. I also don’t really diet and you can read about my love of food here! I have previously worked with diet brands so I was really pleased when Jane Plan responded to my emails about working with me.  This was my first time approaching a brand directly (they normally come to me) so I think I babbled quite a bit the first time I spoke to Jane! However Jane…

  • marshmallow snowmen
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    Frozen Marshmallow Olaf’s and Snowmen Characters

    We all know someone who loves the movie Frozen! Mia absolutely loves it and in fact prefers Frozen 2 now! Lottie is just getting into it so we had loads of fun creating these really funny Frozen Marshmallow Olaf’s! We also have some really cute Frozen characters to play with too! Will you have a go at creating some yummy Frozen Marshmallow Olaf’s?

  • BOO-NANA-POPS-1.jpg-1
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    Toddler Halloween Recipes with Tommee Tippee

    We have been using the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender for a while now. Not only to puree Lottie’s food when she was weaning but also to make yummy winter soups! When we were sent the Steamer Blender we were also sent some spooky Toddler Halloween Recipes created especially by Tommee Tippee for babies to get involved and be part of Halloween too! Here are some of our favourites:   Witches Fingers: For toddlers aged 12 months + these carroty fingers are the perfect Halloween snack! Boo-Nana Pops: For babies aged 6 months + these tasty banana and raisin treats will have your child giggly with ghostly glee! Frightful Fish Food:…

  • english ruby fizz cocktails
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    Stunning Summer Cocktails with Hayman’s Gin

    It is no secret that I love cocktails! I always have done and especially love prosecco cocktails however it wasn’t until I attended the Notts Cocktails Blogger event that I discovered I really like gin cocktails! I have never been keen on gin and tonics and thinking it was the gin part I disliked, I never went near gin cocktails however after trying one at the event, I realised it’s actually tonic I don’t like! So we have I recreated some traditional gin cocktails courtesy of Hayman’s London Dry Gin perfect for the Summer! Hayman’s are award winning gin makers who have been making gin the traditional way for over…

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    Easy Slow Cooker Chinese Curry

    One of my favourite kitchen appliances to use when cooking dinner is my slow cooker. I used to think it was only for stews and casseroles but over the past few months I have started to make lots of dinners for us in the slow cooker. I’m a convert! A great family friendly meal. Perfect for batch cooking, this tasty, full of flavour curry is a fab weekend treat!  

  • Schwartz Cajun Seasoning
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    Chicken Fajitas and Rice with Schwartz Cajun Seasoning

    We have been home cooking our dinners and the kid’s dinners for a while now. Don’t get me wrong, we have takeaways and ‘freezer’ days, but we are lucky that we both love to cook, and I really don’t mind spending an hour every afternoon cooking for us all. We also do a lot of batch cooking which is really useful for weeks where money is either a bit tight, we don’t have time to cook for whatever reason or just to use for lunches the next day! Our most loved and favourite meals are by no means complicated! They are easy, take under 45 minutes to make and can…