4 Ways To Make Your Home More Secure

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Everyone wants a secure home. While nobody thinks that they’ll get burgled, it’s a sad fact that burglaries happen every 30 seconds in the USA. It might be your least favourite home improvement project on the list, but a safe and secure home is a happy home. 

But don’t worry, it’s not all that difficult to make sure that your home and your family are more secure.

  1. The Doors and Windows

You might be surprised to learn that 34% of burglars gain access to houses through the front door. The first step is to always ensure that your front and back doors are locked, this might dissuade some burglars immediately and is an easy step. While you’re at it, close and lock any accessible windows when you go out. This includes first floor windows and any upstairs windows that are near a tree or some other access point. 

However, you should do more to secure your doors and windows. As soon as you move into your property, you should change the locks. Otherwise, there’s nothing stopping the previous occupant (or someone else with an old key) from simply walking in. 

You should also check your exterior doors for any weaknesses, making sure that the frames are strong and that someone can’t reach through a mail slot or break a flimsy window to unlock the door from the inside.

  1. Lighting and Surveillance

Someone who is skulking around hoping to break into your home or damage your property won’t appreciate being lit up for all the world to see. Exterior lighting, particularly lighting linked to a motion sensor, can dissuade someone from entering your property without good reason. It will also make your exterior safer for you and your family.

On the same lines, surveillance cameras can put someone off from going near your home. While fake cameras might scare some burglars off, the real thing is always preferable, especially if they break in anyway. With surveillance footage, the authorities will be far more likely to find the burglars and you’ll be better able to claim for compensation or even get your belongings back. 

  1. Security Systems

A security system, like a burglar alarm, will also help you to keep your home secure. Even a simple burglar alarm will alert you and the police of a break-in. Even better, if a burglar is able to spot the alarm, they might leave your property alone. Even if they try to break into your home, they might be scared off by the alarm before they do too much.

  1. Homeowner’s Insurance

Unfortunately, even with all of these steps and others that you might think of, someone might still break into your home and damage or steal your belongings. This is where homeowner’s insurance comes into play. If you’re able to prove that your home was broken into and that you took steps to prevent it, then you will be able to get compensation. 

Regularly locking your doors and windows and installing functional cameras will make getting your claim accepted far easier.

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