Lady holding her pregnant tummy

5 Tips for Having a Healthy Pregnancy Over the Age of 35

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Congratulations! You’re having a baby, but you may be concerned that you are now over 35. Pregnancy is one of the most amazing experiences in a woman’s life. More and more women are postponing motherhood and thanks to modern medicine, getting pregnant past the age of 35. The notion that the choice to start a family a little later in life is not a good idea because pregnant women 35 years and older are considered to be of “advanced maternal age” is now being disproved by many women who have healthy, successful, and enjoyable pregnancies past this age. However, it is important to note that women face risks during pregnancy no matter what their age.

Healthy Pregnancy

Every pregnancy is unique, and yes, there are more challenges that come with age. Luckily, nowadays it is easy to find a useful guide to help ensure that you can take care of yourself with helpful recommendations on lifestyle choices that will help you avoid complications. Here are some tips to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy over the age of 35.

Seek regular prenatal care

To take care of your baby, you need to take care of yourself. Finding a good healthcare provider who will be your ally is a necessary step to improve your chances of delivering a healthy baby. Talk to your doctor about any concerns that you may have. Discuss any signs and symptoms that concern you to put your mind at ease. Keep up with your regular prenatal visits to monitor your health and your baby’s health every step of the way.

Lady holding her pregnant tummy

Up your vitamin intake

Taking supplements like iron, choline, and vitamin D is essential for pregnant women at any age. Folic acid (400 micrograms) is essential especially in the first trimester to help prevent birth defects.

Do something active daily

Get moving by doing moderate exercise (under your doctor’s recommendation) to help lower the risk of gestational diabetes and inflammation. Staying active will increase your stamina, boost your energy level, and can ease or even prevent discomfort. Exercise is good for improving overall health. It is also good for the development of the baby’s lungs and immune system. Be sure to adequate hydrate yourself when exercising and avoid overexertion.

Monitor your blood pressure

High blood pressure occurs in up to 15% of all pregnancies. It considerably contributes to infant and maternal mortality. Manage your blood pressure by maintaining a healthy diet. Eat plenty of vegetables and fresh fruits.

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Stay away from drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes

Women who indulge in drinking, drug taking or smoking while pregnant increase the risk of delivering a baby with behavioural and/or psychological issues. Alcohol, tobacco, and illicit substances such as marijuana are off-limits during pregnancy. Committing to a healthy lifestyle is a must for all pregnant women. The choices you make while pregnant can have a lasting effect on your baby.

Age-related health risks are valid concerns during pregnancy. Nurture your baby and increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy by following these steps along with the advice of your health care provider. Remember, healthy mums of any age mean healthy babies.

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