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We all know we are getting older. After turning 35 I have become more aware of my body and how I’m looking after it. After losing weight and getting down to a size I’m more comfortable with, I have recently turned my attention to my skin as I have always had really good skin but don’t tend to look after it now for whatever reason.

I’m increasingly aware of this so when Lumity asked me to try out their anti-aging supplements, I was intrigued as to what these supplements would actually do for me. Lumity Supplements are an all-natural, clean beauty and healthy ageing supplement. It has no additives, sweeteners and is not tested on animals!

This high quality supplement has been marketed at the over 30’s due to the fact that as we get older, our energy levels tend to fall and we don’t sleep as well as we used to. It has been named as one of the top 3 healthy ageing supplements by the Times newspaper and has a long list of celebrity users and fans. So what exactly is Lumity?

Lumity Supplements consist of 2 different types of capsule; 3 coffee coloured to be taken in the morning, and 3 milk coloured to be taken at bedtime. Free from; artificial colours and dyes, caffeine, dairy, gluten, melatonin, petrochemicals, preservatives, soy, sugar, sulphates, synthetics, and parabens, these supplements help to support health, vitality and beautiful skin, reducing feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

Each capsule contains a scientifically targeted combination of amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to help protect and rejuvenate you as you age. They work around the clock with their unique 2-step formula and work in tandem with your body’s natural biorhythmic cycles. You take 3 coffee coloured capsules in the morning to support brain health, vitality, healthy skin, hair and nails, they help to maintain the immune system and are integrated with nutrients to assist with joints, muscle and bone health.

Then you take 3 milk coloured capsules at bedtime, these are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and provide overnight radiance with amino acids which help to maintain the elasticity of the skin and contributes to healthy collagen formation which keeps the skin firm and supple.

Lumity Supplements

I have definitely found over the past month that my overall skin tone has improved, my face feels clearer and firmer. I already have great nails however my hair is looking in better condition, shiny and softer, it has definitely improved.

I like the fact that the capsules are more natural than other similar types on the market and the major plus for me is that they do not contain any stimulants, as a lot of these types of supplements contain things like caffeine which I’m not a big fan of!

I was impressed with the Lumity Supplements and I would consider taking them for longer in order to see how they make me feel over a period of time, at £85 for a 30 day supply, they are pricey but if they work than we cant complain too much!

Update: we have recently been sent a handy 7 day travel pack perfect for taking away on your holidays and a facial oil which feels really lovely on your skin!

Lumity Supplements

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    These are some supplements that definitely helps us readers to take on, thank you for providing so much details for us especially those who are at a young age. Thank you for sharing this!

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