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Building A Garden Room In Your Yard

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If you and your family love having fun in the garden, you’ll know that your outdoor space is a precious thing. Being able to grow food, run around, play games and laugh with friends and family is a gift which many do not have the privilege of enjoying. If you love your yard, you’ll know that any chance to utilise this awesome space should be taken!

You may have an outhouse, a kennel or a garden shed. These are typically used to store gardening equipment, old furniture, pots and extra miscellaneous junk. But have you ever heard of garden rooms? If you haven’t, read on to discover what you can do with one of these awesome additions to your outdoor space!

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Garden Room Functions

A garden room is pretty much an updated shed. These are specially designed rooms which are separate to your house, situated at the end of your garden. They can be compact and tiny or on the large side, depending on the size of your yard and your budget. But what are they used for?

You can use a garden room as an extra room, which has a little more privacy and tranquility from the rest of the house. Some examples of innovative functions for a garden room are:

Home office. If you work from home, which, let’s face it, is becoming the new normal for many people since the coronavirus pandemic, you could get a whole lot more out of your day with a garden room. You could set up your office space in your garden room, surrounding yourself with the tranquility of your home, and revelling in peace and quiet.

You can make the space entirely your own, catering to your working needs, and making your working day a whole lot more lovely. Pop in some hammocks or a hanging chair and it becomes the perfect ‘chill out’ space!

Craft studio. If you’re an artist, or you love creating things as a hobby, you could set up a craft studio in your yard. We all know that painting, sculpting and generally experimenting artistically is pretty messy and you may not want to do this in the house. In your craft studio, however, you can let loose, using this purpose built garden room as a purely creative space.

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A plant house/growing station! Do you love growing houseplants but find you’re cluttering up your space with all the greenery you have in your home? Why not create a plant growing station in your garden room! A halfway house between a greenhouse and a normal home, you could design your garden room to be an ideal studio for your gorgeous plants to thrive.

A kids ‘rumpus room’. You want your kids to have fun and mess around, but find you’re always tripping over mess and stressing about tidying? Look no further. Giving your kids their own den to have fun and mess around in has never been simpler than with a garden room.

Whatever you use it for, a garden room is an amazing addition to your yard, adding value to your home and versatility to your home life.

Have you ever thought about an outdoor room?

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