Children’s Book Gift Guide

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Hello and welcome to my Children’s Book Christmas Gift Guide! I have left it a little late this year to get my guides out as it’s been a bit hectic here over the last few months but I’m about there with Christmas and also with planning Lottie’s birthday just after Christmas!

Children’s Book Christmas Gift Guide

So here is a quick roundup of the best books, perfect for your little ones, that I have found this year! I find these guides the most interesting and exciting to write as I love buying books for the girls as it’s something we can all enjoy together. Here are some of our favourites:

Children’s Book Christmas Gift Guide


The Great Farty Slob Beast


What I Think About When I Think About Running

Dog on Wheels

The Bear Cub Bakers

The Snugglewump

Marge in Charge collection

The Bear and the Piano

Princess Snowbelle

So that’s it, my Children’s Book Christmas Gift Guide full of my favourites for your little ones! I hope you have found some interesting new books for those of you that have still to buy for your little ones! If you’re stuck for other gift ideas for children, I have a gift guide out for them too so don’t worry!

We hope you have a lovely Christmas and a fab New Year!

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