Implementing Self-Care after an Abusive Relationship

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Guest post by Gina Kay Daniel

You may have heard a lot about “self-care”, but what exactly is it? And how can we experience self-care after we have left an abusive relationship? Below are some tips on how to partake in some healthy self-care habits, and how you can overcome an abusive relationship in your past.

What is Self-Care?

Self-Care encompasses a notion that we take some time away from our busy lives to take care of, well, us! A lot of the time, we end up focusing on the things we need to do, and not the things we need for ourselves. Self-Care can be anything, from washing your hair to painting your nails, to taking a day off to catching up on your favourite shows. It’s a time to look at what you really want and taking the time it do it.

Implementing Self-Care

Implementing Self-Care Tips

You don’t need to make big gestures, simply pampering yourself and feeling great counts as self-care, but you can do more if you want! Always wanted to travel? Or go to a fancy restaurant with a loved one? Taking some time to do these things is classed as self-care too.

When you’ve left an abusive relationship, taking the time to escape is the ultimate self-care – you don’t have to worry about the person, the situation you’re in, or about your surroundings anymore. If money is a struggle at the moment, consider claiming from CICA, a government fund set up to ensure that victims of abuse are compensated. Alternatively, you can appoint someone to claim on your behalf with CICA UK. It’s a great way to move on financially and get back on your feet, and any money leftover can go towards some self-care treats.

Overcoming Abuse

It’s tough to consider moving on when thinking about an abusive relationship. This person may have meant a lot to you, but the main thing to remember is that you come first – before anyone else. Taking the time to look after your needs is important and plays a huge role in moving on in your life. It may be a scary time at the moment.

How could you go about implementing self-care?

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