Mr Lee’s Authentic Oriental Noodles

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We as a family are always on the lookout for healthier options for foods we love already. With Mario needing to be careful with what he eats and drinks, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right balance between tasty and healthy! When I noticed that Mr Lee’s Noodles were looking for reviewers of their oriental noodles, I was really interested as noodles and specifically lunches are things Mario enjoys best and can be the hardest to find healthier options.

Mr Lee’s Noodles are one of a kind! The Gourmet Oriental Noodles in a Cup contain no artificial additives, preservatives, colouring or MSG’s. As well as this they are low in salt, sugar, saturated fats and at around 219 calories per cup, low in calories! The best thing about these noodles are that they contain freeze-dried ingredients which makes a huge difference to the taste and quality of the noodles themselves, locking in the goodness instead of sucking it all out.

We were sent 2 boxes of the 6 flavours to try out; Hong Kong Street Beef, Shaolin Monk Vegetables, Dragon Fire Mushroom, Warrior Fighting Shrimp, Tai Chi Chicken, and Penang Chicken Curry Laksa.

Oriental Noodles

These award-winning noodle cups have been designed to be quick and convenient, ready when you are to have lunch. There is nothing in the ingredients list that you cannot understand, don’t know what it is, or cannot pronounce which leaves you sure that you are getting a far healthier option for lunch! The noodles themselves actually come all the way from Vietnam and are packaged right here in the UK in 100% recyclable cups so once you have finished your lunch; you can help save the planet too! All you need to do is add boiling water up to the lip on the inside of the cup, stir, wait 3 minutes and then eat!

In the box of noodle cups, you also get a lovely branded bag to keep a cup in whilst at work and also a set of chopsticks. I can’t use chopsticks but it was definitely fun trying! The noodle cups are really easy to make up and you can either eat them as they are or decant them into a bowl. At home I found it easier to eat them in a bowl but out of the house, at work for example, it’s great to be able to eat the noodles straight from the cup for convenience. The noodles themselves are so tasty! Full of flavour and the cups are packed full so you get a really decent lunch! The noodles filled me up until dinner which very rarely happens and the noodles are some of the best flavours I have tasted! I preferred the less spicy cups and really enjoyed the Shaolin Monk Vegetable and Hong Kong Street Beef the most. The only thing I would say is that they can be quite watery almost like I needed to add slightly less water to the cups however this still didn’t ruin the eating experience!

Oriental Noodles

We both really enjoyed Mr Lee’s Noodle Cups and Mario has asked me to order some more so they obviously went down well! New kiosks are being launched soon to dispense the noodle cups wherever you are which is brilliant for you to grab lunch on the go. A box of 6 noodle cups cost £17.94 with free delivery making each cup £2.99, far cheaper than grabbing a lunch meal deal at your local sandwich bar! We will definitely be adding these noodles to our shopping list and can’t wait to see if they bring out some more tasty new flavours!   

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