Weight Loss Post #9 – Weight Loss Feature

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Hi everyone and welcome to my weight loss post #9!

So I’m just coming up to the end of week 4 of my EM Fitness 12 Week Weight Loss Plan. I have had a really good week and been keeping up well with my 3 workouts a week and also my 8000 steps a day. Some days I have been getting over 9000 a day so that’s great and something I have struggled with previously! I have found the plan increasingly easier to follow and I no longer have to think too much about my meals or portion sizes, its seemingly becoming habit!

The main thing I have begun to notice is that I have far more energy and I’m feeling really positive about myself again. My clothes are fitting really nicely and are more comfortable than they have been for a while so that’s helping my confidence in myself massively!

I have been posting most of my meals over on my Instagram page so head over there too take a closer look at those and I will be updating again in a fortnight with how I’m getting on!

Typical Dinner on the EM Fitness Plan – Yummy!! 🙂

Zesty chicken with black bean salad for lunch today! ? #emfitness #weightlossplan

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