Weight Loss Post #12 – Weight Loss Feature


Hi and welcome to my Weight Loss Post #12!

Ok so I know I have been really bad at keeping this Weight Loss feature going (ok really, really bad since my last update was back in January!). I have been reviewing a lot of fitness programmes over the last 6 months and they have taken most of my time up but then we have been so busy, I haven’t really had time to write any updates down! I’m aiming to get better at these as they do help to motivate me and I just hope to share some tips with you guys along the way too!

Well anyway, there’s been a bit of a major update on the life front (if you haven’t already read about it!) and that is that … I’m pregnant with baby number 2! So that means that my Weight Loss feature is obviously going to be taking a bit of a back-seat over the coming months although I will try and keep it going a bit. I tried keeping up with yoga classes when I was first pregnant but it quickly stopped due to initial nausea and also feeling so tired all of the time! I’m exhausted! I will try and start it up again now we are 13 weeks along to try and keep myself supple and I would love to still tone up slightly even during pregnancy. Anyway, that’s why I have been a bit lax on these Weight Loss posts so I hope that you understand and will bear with me!

I will try and keep you updated in the coming months but for now you can see my bump updates as we progress with our pregnancy!

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