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What Coffee Machine Should I buy?

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You might be wondering when this whole pandemic is going to end and you can go back to the office, alternatively, you might be embracing it and thinking about what coffee maker to buy next. In either case, a new family coffee maker is a great idea, especially with so much innovation going on in the world of coffee making. 

Bonavita Connoisseur 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

If you have a big family then you need a coffee machine that is going to cover them all. The trouble is that coffee machines this large tend to take up a lot of space into the kitchen. Not the Bonavita. The Bonavita is very compact and convenient.  

But size and output is not all this versatile and modern coffee machine has to offer. It uses the latest pre-infusion technology to brew an excellent cup of coffee. Pre-infusion is the process of wetting the coffee Braemore brewing. 

Cuisinart DCC-3200

If the Bonavita 8 Cup isn’t enough for your family you’ll just have to go larger. Maybe you have an extra big family, or perhaps a small one with a big appetite for coffee. Either way the Cuisine DCC-3200 is one to look at. This monster machine is stainless steel and has the look of a commercial coffee maker. 

Although this coffee maker is an improved version of the previous release that changes made aren’t reflected in its price tag – a win win for coffee lovers. You will find this machine has a clean pour and a convenient 14 hour program facility. 

Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew

The Mr Coffee machines have built a reputation over the years for consistency and efficiency. Some brands simply run on this and don’t require any fancy updates, the Mr Coffee brand is one such product. You always know where you stand with My Coffee. 

Bit it isn’t just consistency and efficiency that’s kept Mr Coffee at the top of best sellers lists for many years. The machine uses a vacuum insulated carafe to keep the coffee got whatever it sits on. It also uses a popular water reservoir facility to make refilling Mr Coffee a breeze  

Keurig K-Elite

The Keurig K-Elite also occupies a spot as a functional and practical coffee maker that also delivers on price. If you need a family coffee maker for your kitchen that brews a delicious mug of morning coffee but doesn’t take up too much kitchen space you won’t go far wrong with the Kenfig K-Elite. 

The Kenrig benefits from a 75 ounce reservoir making it easy to brew a round of coffees for your family and friends in one go – no need to wait around for coffee and drink them at different times. If you want an innovative modern coffee machine for your family or for gift sets, the Kenrig is an excellent choice. 

Technivorm Moccamaster KBG

The Moccamaster is one coffee machine you don’t want to overlook if you spend long hours in the home office trying to stay alert. You can increase your coffee consumption easily with this machine’s 40 ounce carafe and high grade brew process. It also benefits from a hot plate to keep your coffee warm.

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