Why Is It Important To Live In The Moment?

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You would think it would be easy to live in the moment. After all, all it takes is to be entirely aware of what’s happening around you and not think about the past or the future but only the present. It only means being absolutely happy with your life and not getting upset or worried that you’re making a mistake or you’re going in the wrong direction, or you’re not where you’re meant to be. 

Actually, when it’s put like that, it’s quite obvious that it’s not going to be easy to live in the moment, at least not all the time. Human beings tend to look at the negative side of things – it’s a defence mechanism spanning back millennia since it allows us to be prepared for pain and suffering. So when something good happens, it can be hard to just enjoy it without being concerned that something terrible is going to happen. 

There are, however, several excellent reasons why living in the moment is a good idea and why, if you can, you should try it. The more you do it, the easier it will become. Read on to find out. 

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You’ll Decrease Your Stress Levels 

Taking the time to enjoy what’s going on in the present moment might lead to us getting overly preoccupied with our own thoughts and becoming extremely stressed. Not only is this just genuinely unpleasant, but stress is massively harmful to our health and wellbeing; it will raise our blood pressure, put a strain on our hearts, and overall leave us feeling drained and weary. This might result in a lack of sleep, exacerbating the symptoms. 

You can reduce your stress levels by just stopping and looking around you. Clear your mind of everything but what is happening right now, and concentrate on that. Your mind will be clearer, and your body will reward you by lowering its stress levels, helping you to feel the moment even more easily. 

Life Is Short

Life is short. It’s fleeting. This is something that we’re told as youngsters, but at that time, we believed it was simply a clichéd phrase with no real meaning. After all, there were decades and decades ahead of us. 

However, as we get older, we understand that the old adage is correct; life is indeed short. Yes, we have decades (ideally), but those decades pass quickly. Making the most of every opportunity will help to slow down the passage of time. You won’t be wishing it away, waiting for the next fascinating thing to happen, hoping that this dreary nothing of a day passes soon. It may take some practice to perfect enjoying every second, but it is incredibly rewarding once you do. Do the things that make you happy and make your life good. Whether that’s asking how to apply for indefinite leave to remain, going back to college, striving for your dream job, or anything else. 

No Disappointments

Many individuals go through life only to be disappointed by things, places, and even people. It’s because they’re anticipating something different, or they’re looking back and comparing wherever they are with something good that happened in the past. 

The thing is, you can’t be disappointed if you simply live in the moment and don’t think about any other time than this one. Take each moment as it comes, for better or worse, and live with it, and you’ll discover that even if something terrible happens, you’ll be able to move on much faster and find the next moment to appreciate.

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