20 Week Bump Update!

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Welcome to our 20 week bump update! Here’s week 16 if you missed it! I can’t believe how fast it’s going and I’m already half way through which is a scary thought! The last 8 weeks haven’t really seen a huge change other than we got to find out the sex of our baby (look out for our big gender reveal!) and my bump is still really small!

2nd August: So I have been struck down by the dreaded cold that Mia had last week! I have to say I feel rough! It’s hard because the only thing I can take is paracetamol which doesn’t do a great deal but hopefully if I get a good night’s sleep, it will help!

5th August: So I’m finally feeling more like myself after the awful cold, went for a nice walk at Wollaton Hall today but noticing I get really out of breath quicker than I did before! My bump has definitely started to make an appearance and I had to dig out my old maternity trousers 2 days ago as I was feeling really uncomfortable in my ‘normal’ bottoms. I had seriously forgotten how comfy they are so I can’t wait to get some more!

15th August: So I have been rubbish at writing this over the last week or so. I have been a bit down this weekend as I’m nearing 19 weeks pregnant and although my clothes are feeling a bit uncomfortable; my bump is pretty much unnoticeable. I’m getting a bit anxious about it as we are nearly at our 20 week scan and I know that I was so much bigger with Mia at this point. It’s not that I think anything is wrong particularly, I just don’t really feel pregnant and I don’t look pregnant. It’s a bit ironic as before we got pregnant, I was worried that this time round I would be huge and it’s just the opposite! I have booked a private scan for this weekend so that we can find out whether we are having a boy or a girl before the 20 week scan as Mario is working away and not able to come. I’m really looking forward finding out and also getting to make sure baby is definitely ok!

17th August: So after being a bit paranoid over the last few days, I wore up this morning to a definite kick from bump! I can’t tell you how relieved I feel and how of a weight has been lifted! I feel so reassured now and can’t wait for our next scan!

20th August: Today Mario and I went for a Window to the Womb scan as we didn’t do it with Mia and with my becoming more and more anxious about my non-existent bump, it was really helpful! Everything is absolutely fine with baby and the reason for my small bump is because my placenta is at the front acting like a barrier/cushion so that’s why I can’t really feel a lot either! I feel so relieved and baby is perfectly snug in there! We also found out the gender as we didn’t with Mia and this time wanted to know if we were having another girl or a boy. I won’t tell you yet as we want to wait for our 20 week scan next week before we announce it to friends and then family! Don’t worry, only a week to go!

28th August: I’m finally starting to get a little bump and I managed to get to H&M last week to get a maternity top to go out for the evening in. I tried to get a skirt or a dress which is what I badly need but they didn’t have any I liked enough so I will have to go back. I can still wear my normal clothes but they are getting a bit tight and I have visions of my waking up and just having a massive bump suddenly! If I wear certain clothes I don’t look pregnant at all so it will be nice to get a bit bigger and then it will be more obvious!

So that’s our 20 week bump update! The weeks are flying by and we are thinking about booking to go for an another scan around the 30 week mark as we didn’t have any private scans when we were pregnant with Mia and as this will most likely be our last baby, we want to do a few ‘different’ things this time. Look out for our bump update next month!

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