Activity Centre for Babies to practice tummy time

5 Summer Holiday Toy Essentials

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Summer is just around the corner and we have been enjoying some absolutely gorgeous weather here in the UK (which is unusual for us!). I know how tricky it is to keep the kids entertained for such long periods. Mia gets a bit bored after a couple of days and the novelty of not having to get up for school wears off! So, I have put together a list of 5 summer holiday toy essentials.

Summer Holiday Toy Essentials Cover Image


A classic, well-loved game. Simple but effective! We had one as children and when we had stopped trying to hit each other round the head with it, we actually loved it! Fast paced and definitely keeps you on your toes, this can be enjoyed by everyone! Playdays & Runways have highlighted another great outdoor ball game called Pindaloo!


Hoopla game

You can’t beat a good old traditional game. Although this looks simply, it’s not at all and can be really frustrating! Try playing from different lengths away and see how many you can ‘Hoopla!’

Hoopla game

Giant Jenga

My 2 love this game although we haven’t got the giant version! This again is an ‘oldie but a goodie’ and can provide hours of fun! There can be just as much fun building the tower up again as there is trying not to knock it down!

Giant wooden Jenga set
Velcro catch ball game

We used to love playing this on the beach! Perfect for when it’s a bit windy and you can’t really throw and catch easily. This can be played by the young and old and is lots of fun!

Green and Pink striped velcro pads and tennis balls
Water activity centre

We can’t forget the very little ones, can we?! This activity centre means that they can also enjoy the warm weather and practice tummy time too (something I was useless at!).

Activity Centre for Babies to practice tummy time

Playing outside is important for both physical and mental health and getting out in the sunshine for even 30 minutes (with sun cream on!) is enough to keep the kids happy. Some of these Summer holiday toy Essentials can be enjoyed by both little ones and bigger ones and could even keep them entertained long enough for you to have a cup of tea (just think!).

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