Toddler Halloween Recipes with Tommee Tippee

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We have been using the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender for a while now. Not only to puree Lottie’s food when she was weaning but also to make yummy winter soups! When we were sent the Steamer Blender we were also sent some spooky Toddler Halloween Recipes created especially by Tommee Tippee for babies to get involved and be part of Halloween too! Here are some of our favourites:

Halloween Recipes


Witches Fingers:

For toddlers aged 12 months + these carroty fingers are the perfect Halloween snack!

Boo-Nana Pops:

For babies aged 6 months + these tasty banana and raisin treats will have your child giggly with ghostly glee!

Halloween Recipes

Frightful Fish Food:

For toddlers aged 12 months + this dish is great for a Halloween dinner time!

Halloween Recipes

Ghastly Greens:

For babies 6 months + this medley of veg would be great for a mid-afternoon snack

Halloween Recipes

Pumpkin Smash:

For babies aged 4 months + you can get them involved in the Halloween fun!

Halloween Recipes

Silly Apples Bites:

For toddlers aged 4 years + that can get involved in the making of these fab apple bites! They can get involved in decorating these funny faces and create their own silly bites!

Halloween Recipes

Vampire Teeth:

For toddlers aged 6 months + these little aubergine triangles are great for taking out with you as a tasty treat!

Halloween Recipes

Which of these Toddler Halloween Recipes are you going to try out?

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