Wollaton Hall lit up with coloured lights

A Magical Adventure Walk: Christmas at Wollaton

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It’s been a weird kind of a year hasn’t it?! Where do you start really? We have so many traditions this time of year and it’s been so sad not to be able to do many of them. Christmas for us starts with the local Goose Fair that rolls into town the first weekend of October each year, this is quickly followed by a local Bonfire Night Fireworks display and then we go to see Santa a few weeks later. Both girls love Christmas (as do we!) and with the fair and fireworks cancelled this year pretty early on, we booked to go to a Spectacle of Light event only for it to be cancelled 2 days before we were booked in due to Lockdown 2!

It’s so difficult telling the girls we can’t go to things and like many other parents, feel that guilt of constantly saying no we can’t do things. There is hope coming in the form of a vaccine however this may a while off for most of us yet. We were so happy to be asked if we would like to go to the Christmas at Wollaton event last week. Made all the more special because we haven’t been able to do any of our usual Christmassy things yet! The girls were beyond excited!

If you don’t know, Wollaton Hall is a beautiful building with enormous grounds. We go at least once a month as the girl’s love taking their scooters round the huge lake and feeding the ducks! The hall also featured in the Batman movie a few years ago!

Wollaton Hall

As soon as we arrived, you could see the pathway up to the Hall was lit with beautiful lights and we were so excited! We parked at the bottom car park so we could walk the whole way up for the full affect!

Stood waiting to go in

We could go in at any time slot, but you book slots online which means no queues; no crowds and it was so much nicer to go in and not feel rushed as you can do sometimes at these events. No one got in anyone’s way, everyone kept socially distanced and we all had time to take plenty of photos and videos! You are asked to wear a face mask (something I actually forgot as I was worrying about the rain! However, Mario saved the day and had one I could wear!).

The walk is split up into different sections, for example Laser Garden and Rainbow Walk so as you walk through each part there is something new and completely different to see. It really is breath-taking.

Animals in lights
Trees lit up in blue, green and red

It’s amazing how many different ways you can use lights and there was so much to see! There are trees lit up in different colours, wintry animals you would find roaming around Wollaton created in Christmas lights and a magical tunnel of lights to walk through.

Colourful lights light up trees
Light Tunnel
Moon and Star lit up

A rainbow path guides the way to the conservatory full of hanging lit bulbs and out onto the fire garden.

Hanging lit bulbs
Fire Garden

The finale is the Hall itself. Accompanied by a beautiful but dramatic soundtrack, lights are projected onto the outside of the Hall and a huge Christmas tree lights up in time to the music. It’s absolutely amazing to watch and the girls were glued to it! The whole evening was magical and very Christmassy!

Wollaton Hall lit up with coloured lights
Me, Lottie and Mia in the lights

Even though it had chucked it down all day (we were lucky it turned to a drizzle by the evening) the paths were not as muddy as I had worried about them being. In fact, it wasn’t muddy at all hardly and perfectly fine to walk on. I had put Lottie in a full rain suit and both girls wore wellies, but they would have been fine in trainers. We didn’t take the buggy as we thought Lottie would be fine and it’s so much easier to walk round with her rather than pushing her however if you needed to take one or you need wheelchair access, its fully accessible.

Wollaton Hall lit up with snowflakes

Christmas at Wollaton runs until 6th Jan and there are plenty of tickets left! In fact, we have booked again for just after Christmas as it was so good! Open 4:30-8pm every day and discount for Nottingham City residents, it’s definitely an event not to miss!

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