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Be Your Own Inspiration

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Flipping through magazines or social media pages, do you look at the page and think that, if only things were different, that could be you? If only you were a little bit skinnier, a little more tanned, better fashion sense, and the list goes on. You are an individual, but it’s human nature to compare and conjure up the ‘if only’ thoughts. ‘If only’ you had the time, what about now? ‘If only’ you can play the flute, why not do it? ‘If only’ you know how to dress as fabulously as the woman on the pages, why not get some help? Turn your’ if only’ thoughts into inspiration and goals for yourself. 

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Visually Inspired 

Right off the bat, write down your’ if only’ goals. Go crazy and add pictures of what you have in mind. Words are great, but nothing will grab your attention more than visually seeing what your goal is. 

Detailed Planning 

Let’s start planning. No goal can be achieved without a clear plan. And two dots showing yourself and the goal with an arrow in between doesn’t count as a plan. Write down where you are currently and what it will take to get you there. This will call for more in-depth thinking and a bit of research. Put dates down between your goal and the smaller aspects of what you need to do to get there. 

Overthinking Killer

You will need to hold yourself accountable. Having a deadline (yes, yes, corporate talk can be just as effective in your private life than your professional life) can up your motivation to reach them. But do not overthink the process or what you need to achieve it. Be realistic when you set your deadlines. 

Small Victories Will Conquer The War

When you reach your in-between goal, be proud of yourself. Do your happy dance, take a selfie and mark the date, buy a celebratory present for yourself or something. Even if you just sit and think back on how far you have come. Reflection is a potent weapon to keep you motivated to reach your end goal and start to become inspired by yourself. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Professional Help

Depending on your’ if only’ inspiration, you might need to call in some help. If your ‘if only’ is to play the flute, you will have to get lessons from a teacher. Your usual excuse was always that you don’t have time during the day, right? Thank you, Google and YouTube, for online teaching classes. Or your ‘if only’ was to be a size smaller, but you hate going to the gym. Well then, did you know professionals like Katie Rollins are waiting for you online to show you the exciting alternative ways to get what you want? You didn’t? Well, now you do. The web plays an integral role in our everyday lives. Use it to help you with reaching your ‘if only’ goals. 

Slowly you will realise what the actual end goal was. Becoming your own inspiration and knocking down your ‘if only’ mentality. Self-motivation, determination, and resilience were attributes you taught yourself. You truly became an inspiration.

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