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Exploring Emotions with Beans&Sparks Personalised Book Club

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We are huge fans of all things personalised but when it comes to personalised books, we haven’t looked at one since we reviewed Mia’s Lost My Name book a while ago! We still haven’t got around to getting one printed for Lottie. We were asked if we would like to try out a new and innovative personalised book club just for kids and this month is all about exploring emotions!

Beans&Sparks have created a personalised book club with the main aim to inspire children with wonder, imagination and curiosity of the world. With this special monthly subscription service, your child will go on a journey month by month sharing magical stories, learning about the world as they go.

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Personalised Avatar

You start by creating an avatar of your child and with a choice of hair style, colour, eye colour, glasses, etc… you will definitely be able to create an individual character to match your child! Once you have personalised your child’s avatar you will receive a personalised book for them each month and as your child receives the books, they earn a reward badge to collect! We all know that stories featuring your child in this way grab their attention, instils confidence in them, and helps them make sense of their place in the world.

The Big Splash book cover

As well as the personalised aspect of the story books, each month there is a new theme to explore including; travel, space, emotional wellbeing, science, creativity and stem, nature, kindness and friendship. The specific learning outcomes of each story are addressed in a fun and creative way and enables your child to carry the story’s lessons into their real life.

Exploring Emotions

We were sent The Big Splash for Lottie and Mia. The colours and illustrations are bright and bold, so Lottie was instantly interested! The theme this month is Emotions and this story is all about your child overcoming shyness and plucking up the courage to make new friends at the pool. This situation is very familiar to most children and the story’s lessons can be transferred to pretty much any setting; the park, the shops, at soft play.

Page from The Big Splash Book
Inside The Big Splash book

Both of my girls really enjoyed their stories and although Lottie didn’t understand it was about her (she’s 17 months), she did sit all the way through the story and loved spotting the ducky on the page!

Lottie sat smiling at The Big Splash

Mia read the book herself and thought it was really good. She loved the fact she could read it herself (she’s 6) and showed us the pictures. She took her time to read it and at the end noticed how the little girl was having lots of fun with her new friends!

Mia reading The Big Splash

Friendship is such a tricky thing to master, at any age, and is a vital part of mental, physical and social development. As you read the story, you are encouraged to talk to your child about similar situations they may have found themselves in and how to solve any issues they may have had. Mia was very happy to have had earned her ‘making new friends’ badge (although I think it would be lovely for the children to receive a physical badge/sticker of some sort and have something to collect them on to keep).

Lottie sat reading her Beans&Sparks book
Mia reading the Beans&Sparks book

We really like the idea of the Beans&Sparks personalised book club and the personalised element is really lovely. The books are well made and feel really good quality. At £12.99 a month, we would definitely consider asking family to subscribe to it as a birthday present for Mia as she really did enjoy it!

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