Beets Blu Pagertag: Track Your Valuables

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A couple of years ago I was approached to review the Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor, I really enjoyed reviewing it so Beets Blu approached me again to see if I would review the Beets Blu Pagertag, which I was more than happy to do! Beets BLU were founded in 2012 and specialises in mobile apps, fitness technologies and electronics. A valuables tracker is not something I had ever thought about as I’m a little OCD when it comes to my things however as a very busy mum, it wouldn’t be difficult for me to misplace either set of keys or my iPhone which would be really frustrating!

The Pagertag is a small device which, when connected to keys, wallets, phones or luggage, can track that item within 15 feet using a phone app, wirelessly. The Pagertag itself uses Bluetooth low energy to send a signal to the downloaded Pagertag app on your phone, it then beeps and lights up so you can find the item you have lost easily. The app is free to download to your smart phone and as soon as the coin cell battery is inserted into the Pagertag, it immediately connects via Bluetooth. The coin cell battery should last about a year and has a low battery indicator so there’s no worry of it failing. I found the app really easy to use and set up. It’s quite basic and could be better as it took me a bit of messing around to work out what each button does but basically you can find your items by sounding the Pagertag alarm, use the sonar function to detect the proximity of your item, or use it as a location marker with specific actions set up in case of your items disappearance.  For security, the Pagertag can only be connected to one smart phone at a time and is fully encrypted.  

Beets Blu App


I have not had the misfortune of losing my car keys yet but we have tested the Pagertag a few times and it’s really affective. The alarm is great and signaled exactly where the keys were each time and it works really well. Although the app is a little basic, which lets the product down a bit, the Pagertag is great and will be so handy when I ultimately, at some point, lose my keys! At £18.95 with free 5 day delivery, the Pagertag is a great way to ensure you don’t lose your valuables and I would recommend it to everyone!


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