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  • Painting

    5 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Home In 2022

    Saying the last few years have been turbulent is an understatement. And it doesn’t look like it’ll be getting less turbulent any time soon. So what better time to hit the reset button than right now! And sprucing up your home…

  • 2016-11-19-14.41.28

    Morse Toad Chocolate Card

    I love giving personalised gifts and every year I’m always on the search for the most unique gifts to give. I noticed that Morse Toad were looking for reviewers of their Chocolate Cards and I have to say I was so…

  • Camera

    The 3 Steps To Better Home Security In 2022

    If there is one thing that all homeowners need to prioritise today, it is security. The last thing you want is for all of your hard work and investment to be undone because you are targeted by criminals. However, security is…

  • BBQ

    Making Outdoor Dining Easier To Do

    You might be looking forward to the fine weather for a lot of reasons but, if you’re like many, the idea of BBQing sounds nice and all, but often comes with more work than you’re really ready to do. Especially if…

  • Kitchen

    Is Your Home Ready For Christmas?

    Christmas may be around the corner, but it is never too late to get your home ready for the celebration. If you have a large family or are expecting several guests during this period, you need to ensure that your home…

  • feature wall

    How to Apply Wallpaper for Beginners

    Never applied wallpaper or replaced old wallpaper in your house before? Don’t worry we have you covered in this wallpaper basics post! Whether you have just bought a new house or maybe just want to update your current house, at some…