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  • Beverly Hills Kit

    Brighter Whiter Teeth with the Beverly Hills Formula

    I’m a sucker for beauty products at the moment and have been doing a lot of research into my skincare routines however I haven’t really paid much attention to my teeth since I had braces in my teens. I had my braces taken off after a hellish 3 years with…

  • Kitchen

    What to Consider When Renovating

    Whether you are planning on moving and selling your home or staying and creating the home of your dreams. Renovation is a long process and something to really consider before developing the home of your dreams. The ability to customise to your tastes can be fun, and working alongside reputable…

  • Dandelion
    Family,  Home

    Why Is It Important To Live In The Moment?

    You would think it would be easy to live in the moment. After all, all it takes is to be entirely aware of what’s happening around you and not think about the past or the future but only the present. It only means being absolutely happy with your life and…

  • Diaries

    Star Signs and Positivity: Can They Empower Your 2022?

    I love stationary. I love notebooks. I love diaries. I have a vast collection of everything stationary from washi tape to smelly pens, notebooks to planner stickers, but you definitely can’t beat the feel of opening a new notebook or diary on that very 1st day, can you? I was…

  • Home interior

    5 Ways To Maximise Space In Your Home

    Using interior design we can make the very best of our living spaces. If your home is on the smaller side, you might feel a bit stuck for decor ideas. When your rooms are feeling a little cramped, never fear, there are many simple ways that you can maximise space…

  • Outdoor View

    Super Simple Ways to Give Your Home A New Look

    You don’t have to spend a lot to give your home a new look. The only time it gets expensive is if you desire to go for a high-end designer fixture. Otherwise, a new home look can be as simple as rearranging everything in your house to DIY home décor.…

  • Garden

    Summer Trends 2021 and How to Add Them to Your Home

    Guest post by Sophie over at lockdownhouse I am obsessed with all things home decor (one of the reasons I started my home blog as I was boring my family and friends). One thing I really enjoy keeping up to date with is how home trends change over the seasons.…