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  • Exante diet meals
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    Exante Meal Replacement Diet Plan Review

    Update: Exante have since rebranded twice so you can find a newer review at Exante Diet Rebrand! I have recently become more interested in diet plans and weight control as I have now been a mummy for just over 2 years and I’m (like many other mummy’s) not particularly happy with the way I look and need a bit of a boost in confidence. I have written previously about my love of food but I was lucky enough to review some diet plans previously so when I was asked if I would like to review a diet plan offered by Exante, I was really excited to take on the challenge and see if…

  • Toddler meal planner
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    Toddler Cooking With Annabel Karmel

    This post contains affiliate links* Since both of us know our way around a kitchen, it was almost obvious that we would choose to home-cook Mia’s food once she was ready for it. She was interested in our food from as little as 3-4 months and we ended up giving her bits of finger-food as soon as we knew she could manage it. By 6 months she was starting to eat small portions of everything we ate. We were given a really useful recipe book by Annabel Karmel (Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner) as a present when Mia was born and as I like to be in control and…

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    My Love Of Food & Absolutely Not Dieting!

    ‘Diet’ has always been a dirty word for me, growing up I have always loved food and always enjoyed my food. I have never dieted and I never will! Although I have never looked ‘overweight’, my actual BMI has always been over the recommended and once I had Mia I have found that I’m the heaviest I have ever been. I have problems sleeping and with my nose which means at night I can’t breathe very well and I end up keeping poor Mario up at least 3 nights a week. After having Mia I decided to do something about it and ended up at the Queens Medical Centre doing…