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    3 Post Workout Snacks You Really Shouldn’t Be Having

    After hours of exercise, the last thing you want to do is indulge in sweets or greasy take outs that will undo all the hard work you just put in at the gym. Post-workout foods are great, and you need them to restore your energy and rebuild your worn-out muscles, but you should take the healthy kind and not those loaded with trans and saturated fat. Workouts can take a lot out of you, and your body needs to bounce back after the intense strain. With this in mind, here are three post-workout snacks you should altogether avoid. Carbonated drinks  You may be tempted to reach out for a cold…

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    Musclefood: Do The Unthinkable Meal Plan Review

    Update: The plan has recently changed to the Goal Getters Plan! Musclefood is a well-known brand in the fitness world and anyone who wants to get fit by eating well knows how good they are what they do. The main idea behind the Musclefood: Do The Unthinkable plan is to create healthy, fresh foods that aid your exercise plans and fuel your body effectively. As well as their main online shop, they have recently launched a complete diet and exercise plan designed for those of us too busy to count calories, to time poor to create homemade meals every day, and those of us who just need a bit of…

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    TomTom Spark Cardio + Music Fitness Tracker

    Currently available second-hand, this is still a great fitness tracker! Anyone following my blog at the moment will know that I’m really interested in wearable tech and how they can support a good, healthy lifestyle. I have previously worked with Apple, Moov Now, and Fitbit and today is the turn of the TomTom Spark Cardio + Music and I was so excited to get an email from TomTom to say they would love to work with me! TomTom are well-known for their Satellite Navigation and so I was interested to see that they did a range of fitness trackers too and really excited about trying one out for size! The…

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    10 Ways To Get A Little More Motivated To Work Out

    Anyone who is in the habit of training at a gym or going on runs/walks will be able to tell you that exercising is pretty simple. It can be quite frustrating to hear when you’re not as fit as you’d like to be, but it’s the truth. Once you get used to working out regularly, you become uncomfortable with not working out. The idea of sitting around for too long isn’t nice. We’re always looking for ways to work on our health, and exercising is one of the main ways of improving things. But what can you do to get more motivated to work out? Finding the motivation to work out…

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    Exante Diet Have Had a Rebrand!

    Just over 2 year’s ago I started looking at various diet plans and tried to find out just how sustainable they are long-term and the benefits of each one. During that time I have worked with quite a few diet companies and learnt a lot about myself and my ‘issues’ with food. As well as everything I have learnt, I have healthily lost 1st 9lbs which I’m over the moon about as I feel great and back to how I felt before I had the girls! One of the companies I had the pleasure of working with was Exante and since writing about them last year, they have been back…

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    Tips for Buying the Best Smart Scale

    Many people these days are into fitness and health. People have realised the importance of exercise and staying healthy as a means of avoiding lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, and as a trend to look and feel great. However, few people can stick to their fitness schedules or programs, especially those that don’t have fitness trainers or instructors. Sometimes they take on challenges that are just too hard for them, and in some cases, they lack the means to measure their progress and quit before they can achieve what they have set to achieve. Buying the Best Smart Scale You should know that fitness is not a destination, but a…

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    Top 6 Fun Outdoor Activities to do

    People are getting antsier cooped up indoors with the stay-at-home orders worldwide. That makes outdoor activities an excellent way to change scenery and bond with your family and friends. You can engage in various fun things outside when you need some fresh air or outdoor adventure. The best thing about outdoor activities is that they are quite affordable, making them suitable if you are tight on cash. Here are ideas that you can use to make a memorable day out alone or with your loved ones. Here are some fun outdoor activities: A Scavenger Hunt A scavenger hunt is an ideal outdoor activity that you can be sure to enjoy…

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    Jane Plan’s Diet Delivery Service

    Usual followers of my blog will know that at the moment, I’m really interested in dieting and whether following a set diet plan will be sustainable long-term or as soon as you finish them, you just pile the weight back on. I also don’t really diet and you can read about my love of food here! I have previously worked with diet brands so I was really pleased when Jane Plan responded to my emails about working with me.  This was my first time approaching a brand directly (they normally come to me) so I think I babbled quite a bit the first time I spoke to Jane! However Jane…

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    Keeping Active during Pregnancy with SpeedBump Maternity Activewear

    Over the last few years I have been really enjoying working out at home and I have tried quite a few different programmes and workouts. In that time I have rediscovered my love of Yoga and despite damaging the rotator cuff in my shoulder practicing a Downward Dog(!) I kept it up throughout the start of my pregnancy as I knew how important it is keeping active during pregnancy. However I soon got to the point where Yoga was becoming uncomfortable due to my clothes feeling a little bit tighter and me generally feeling really really tired all the time! During that time I was approached by an active wear…

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    You’ve Got To Work On Your Health Before You Can Work On Anyone Else

    Something that many people struggle with is that you’ve got to work on your own health before you can start working on someone else. It’s easier to manage someone else’s health than it is to manage your own because you don’t actually have to practice what you preach. But, how can you be sure that you know what’s best health-wise if you haven’t taken the right steps in your own life? In this article, we’re going to be looking at some of the things that you’ve got to have done for your own health first. Keep reading if you want to find out more. Know When You’re Stressed You’ve got…

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    Beets Blu Smart Cardio Heart Rate Monitor

    I have worked numerous times with Beets Blu now and they recently got in touch to see if we would like to try out their new improved Smart Cardio Heart Rate Monitor We have tried the previous version and it was really nice to see what improvements had been made to an already great device! Beets Blu have been specialists in mobile apps, fitness technologies and electronics since 2012 and currently have a great range of products available. Tracking and measuring your heart rate is important when exercising and working out as you can see immediately when you are pushing yourself too hard or whether you need to up the workout level in…