Cecelia Ahern’s ‘Perfect’ New Book

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I have always loved books, as a child we were always at the library picking out new stories to read and as a young adult; I always had at least 2 books on the go at any one time. Now I tend to read books that I can pick up and put down easily as I don’t get much time to read however there are 2 main authors that I make a point of reading every book they ever publish. I read all of the books written by Dan Brown for action and thrillers and Cecelia Ahern for romantic, feel-good reading. When I noticed that reviewers were needed for Cecelia Ahern’s book Perfect, I was really excited to be get involved! It’s not very often you get to work with a brand or a writer that you genuinely love and admire!

Cecelia Ahern, an Irish writer, produced her first novel PS, I Love you at just 21 years old and has since gone on to write a further 11 books and 2 more aimed specifically at young adults. My collection of Cecelia Ahern’s books sit proudly on my bookcase as some of my all-time favourites. I recently read The Marble Collector on my iPad and couldn’t put it down but when I can, I prefer to read physical books as you can’t beat that first opening of a brand new book or the smell you get from the freshly printed pages so I was really excited to be sent a hardcover copy of the brand new story Perfect, the next in the series and sequel to the bestselling YA debut of 2016, Flawed.


To give you a quick background in case you haven’t read Flawed, it is a story about Celestine North who lives a perfect life. Successful, happy, content and loved by everyone, Celestine finds herself in a situation where she has to make an instinctive decision. From this one decision, she is now facing life-changing repercussions; she could be imprisoned, she could be branded, she could be found Flawed. Perfect follows on from Flawed and we pick up Celestine’s story, branded as Flawed by a morality court, her life has become fractured and all her freedom is gone. On the run with Carrick, she holds a secret which may just change everything. The question is, will she save only herself or risk her life to save all the Flawed?

Now I won’t go into too much detail here as I wouldn’t want to spoil the story however I will say that this book has certainly kept me guessing and kept me on my toes. With drama, suspense and real-life situations that anyone could find themselves in, I was hooked from start to finish. The story shows just how fragile life is and how our actions can impact our lives and the lives of others so quickly and easily. Everyone strives for perfection or even just for perceived perfection and this book addresses the issues that arise whilst trying to do this. You don’t have to have read Flawed previously as Perfect can easily be read as a stand-alone book but I would suggest reading the series as it stands to give you more of an insight into Celestine herself and the life she was leading up to the situation she now finds herself in. I would thoroughly recommend Perfect and it’s available from on Amazon priced at £10.49 for the hardback version.

Alongside the book itself, there is a fun interactive game to try out for yourself to find out if you are indeed Perfect or Flawed. Answering 5 multiple –choice questions based around morals and what you would do/how you would react in certain situations, you get a result based on your answers. After I had answered all of my questions, my results were that I’m…. 40% Flawed (which sounds about right to be honest!). You can take the quiz more than once and share your results with your friends on social media to see what everyone else’s results are!

‘Would you rather be Perfect or Flawed?’

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