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We all know how annoying it is when you buy some beautiful shoes for a big event only to find out that once you get them on your feet, they either don’t fit properly, slip off your heels, cause blisters or you simply can’t wear them! Luckily Sticky Heelz, born in 2014, is here to rescue us and make every pair of shoes the perfect fit!

We all know how sore our feet can get in heels during a night out and more often than not we end up taking them off completely after a few hours of wearing them. Many of us wear uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes in the name of fashion or just because we love them and this is neither practical nor healthy for our feet. Research from Sticky Heelz has found that approximately 60% of us have different sized feet and so it’s very difficult for shoe companies to produce shoes that fit everyone perfectly.

Sticky Heelz

Sticky Heelz is the ‘world’s first’ dual anti-slip system for the perfect fitting shoes developed to address the issue of loose-fitting shoes! Using a 2 part system, Sticky Heelz is a pack of shoe and heel pads which connect together using a Velcro-type fastening to form a firm attachment of your foot to your shoe. Suitable for all shoe types, they can even be worn with tights and socks which make them extremely versatile.

Sticky Heelz Pads

Robust and comfortable to wear, the pads themselves ensure your shoes don’t slip off, slide off, fall off, or twist off whilst you are out. They also reduce the risk of blisters as your feet stay firmly in your shoes with no rubbing or catching. There are 3 easy steps to follow and the pads are all marked clearly so there is no confusion over where to put them:

1.       Peel backing and place shoe pad at the back of the shoe

2.       Apply heel pad to lower back of heel

3.       Place foot inside shoe and connect the pads together

There is a demonstration video on the website if you get stuck but I found them really easy to apply to both my shoes and my feet. I wasn’t expecting loads from the pads I have to say however I was massively impressed by them. The pads stick firmly and the shoes I bought as I loved them but didn’t realise they were wide-fit, stay perfectly on my feet whereas before they were completely unwearable! I’m so pleased I can now wear my favourite shoes!

Sticky Heelz also do teardrop arch pads to cushion and support the ball of your foot while wearing heeled shoes. I always struggle with sore feet after wearing heels for a few hours as I don’t wear them often, so these definitely interest me! The pads raise and deflect pressure and with them being interchangeable on up to 3 pairs of shoes, you can now comfortably wear your favourite heels all night long!

pads to give support to feet when wearing heels

Sticky Heelz is currently available from Boots or the Sticky Heelz website priced at £6.99 a pack. Each pack contains 2 shoe pads and 4 heel pads which is really great as the shoe pads can be used a few times in the shoe. There is even a wedding party pack available and they are currently working on skin tone pads at the moment which will be really great to see in action! I would highly recommend these pads and I will be purchasing some more as soon as I run out!

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