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Christmas Toys for 5-10 Year Olds

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Sometimes the kids can be quite tricky to buy for. I find Mia’s main present and stocking fillers really easy to pick but the ‘in between’ prezzies are a bit trickier! Are you struggling to find the perfect Christmas Toys for your 5-10 year old this year? Here are a few of our previous favourite toys!

SpyX Micro Gear Set

I bet most children would love to be a spy! All that sneaking around behind parents backs and snaffling an extra biscuit (or 2!) is the best secret mission any child could wish for! Now they can take part in their very own secret mission with the help of the Trends SpyX Micro Gear Set!


With a utility belt full of easy to clip on secret spy gadgets, and available for around £20, this will keep them entertained for hours! Included is a micro motion alarm, invisible ink pen, micro ear light and micro listener.

Mia’s favourite spy gadget is the invisible ink pen as she can write her secret messages down and only she has the UV light to read them again! Then pen even unscrews to reveal some special paper! Then there is the micro motion alarm that she can set to alert her when one of us is walking within 5ft of her! The micro ear light is my favourite gadget as its proven quite handy recently! It’s a fab handsfree LED light that is surprisingly bright in the dark! Lastly, the micro listener can be used to listen to distant sounds handsfree with the mini receiver dish. It then transmits via the built-in earpiece.

Mia has a couple of Fairy Gardens already (Lily Pad Gardens and Unicorn Gardens) from previous birthdays but when she saw the Dragons’ Tower Garden, she really wanted it! I think the My Fairy Garden range are the perfect combination of grow and play as Mia can play with them as well as get her hands dirty!

The magical tower castle holds the fairy Thea behind the fairy door and has 2 little areas to grow peas and you can grow grass in the top. As well as Thea, you get a dragon and a baby dragon that fits inside the little egg shell. You can use the egg shell to water the plants too which is perfect for little hands. It’s one of the cutest sets we have seen, and Lottie absolutely adores the dragons, although she calls them dinosaurs!

Not only can Mia (and Lottie!) play with Thea the fairy and the dragons but she also loved going out into the garden with Daddy and planting the seeds for the grass and peas to grow! You don’t have to wait too long for them to grow as the seeds are easy-grow, you just need your own soil. Available for around £20 it’s a great gift for those green-fingered children!

This is the 3rd Fuzzikins set Mia has, she has the Post Office and the Pizzeria already from when we attended the Gloworm Festival. She has asked for more for Christmas, so they are definitely a firm favourite in our house at the moment! The Fuzzikins sets include cute little creatures, buildings and accessories to create your own little fuzzy town. Not only this but your child can colour and create them all themselves!

The Interplay Ice Cream Parlour is no different and includes a penguin ice cream seller, ice cream parlour building, menu board, stickers, ice cream cart with lollies, and felt pens to customise it all with! You can even rinse them in warm water, pat dry and let your child recolour their characters to change the way they look each time they play!

Each character is seriously cute and when you put the separate sets together, they create a complete fuzzy street to play with! Mia is so creative so loves the opportunity to do anything that involves drawing or colouring! The fact that she can design her own ice cream parlour, post office and pizzeria is the perfect way to play for her! Lots of fun and great Christmas toys for around £10!

I hope you’ve found some interesting Christmas Toys in there for your 5-10 year old!


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