Clever Ways to Fit Storage into your Bedroom

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Fit Storage into your Bedroom
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Bedrooms don’t always have a lot of space for you to use. The most important part of the room might be the bed, but once you’ve got it in, it can leave you with little room for much else. Many rooms will only just have space for a double bed, and you certainly won’t have much space left over if you want a bigger one. That can make bedroom storage tricky, but you still need somewhere to store your clothes and shoes. Luckily, you can make use of a range of techniques to enable you to be clever with your bedroom storage.

Use the Walls for Shelving

When you’re short on floor space, making use of the walls is often the smartest thing you can do. Using the vertical space that the walls provide means that you can keep the floor clear, helping the room to look and feel bigger. Putting up shelves is ideal, whether you’re going to use them for books, clothes, or something else. Instead of having a bookcase taking up space on the floor, hanging shelves will allow you to use your space more wisely. The walls can be great for other kinds of storage too, from shoe organisers to jewellery organisers.

Get a Bed with Built-in Storage

The bed takes up most of the space in almost any bedroom, which cuts into how much storage space you have available. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to solve this problem. One option is to look at bed shops for available beds with built-in storage. They might have drawers in the bottom, or they might lift up at the top to reveal the storage inside the frame. Another option is to simply choose a bed frame that leaves plenty of clearance between the frame and the floor. This will allow you to use the space underneath as storage.

Fit Storage into your Bedroom
Image from Pixabay – CC0 Licence

Hang Your Clothes

You don’t have to have a huge wardrobe to hang your clothes. If you don’t have space for one or you have one but it’s full, you can store some of your clothes by hanging them up elsewhere. Having an open hanging rack might mean having your clothes out in the open, but it can save a lot of space. Putting your clothes on display can be useful too. Instead of shutting them away and barely remembering they exist, you could end up wearing them more because they’re more visible to you.

Consider Using Ceiling Space

The walls might be useful for hanging up extra storage, but have you ever thought of using the ceiling to give you more storage space? Hanging things from the ceiling can save a lot of space while allowing you to store some essential items. You could use the ceiling to hang a number of things, whether it’s more clothes and shoes or something you don’t have space for elsewhere in your home, such as a bicycle.

You don’t have to have a lot of space to have plenty of bedroom storage. There are clever ways to use the space available.

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