Clever Ways To Use Your Loft Space

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There are many home renovations that change the game for people when they want to upgrade their houses, and one of those is the loft conversion. Let’s be honest, finding a new house with a bigger floor plan isn’t easy at all. You know that the best extension that you can add to your home is the loft conversion that you could plan. This is a space moving up, which means that even if you have a little land around the house, you can still invest yourself into the loft and end up with more room in the home than ever. You don’t need a side extension to get you the extra house value that you needed – make no mistake about that!

The thing is, once you’ve contacted the Dormer Loft Specialists, what do you do with the space you’ve envisioned? Often, it’s the case that you can think up how you want the loft to look but not what you would use the room for. Your loft becomes a separate living area, and you have to honor it as such! You want to know that you are utilising the space in the right way and the best way to do that is to get a little clever. It’s one thing to have a loft, and entirely something else to know how to use it the best way you can. So, with this in mind, we’ve put together a little cheat sheet to help you to choose how you can use your loft space. You never know, we might give you some ideas you didn’t even consider before!

Image source: Pexel
  1. A studio. Whether you love to paint or dance, a studio is one of the most stylish ways that you can use a loft space. Some people utilise the fact that heat rises to be able to create their own yoga studio. Others like the simplicity of a good skylight in order to use the space as a painting studio. A yoga studio is a popular option because of the fact that this is your space for a little inner peace, and that really makes a big difference to how you would use the loft. You get to hole away in your personal retreat, and that really does make a difference to your home value, too!
  2. A personal cave. Do you need somewhere out of the way of the rest of the house to find your zen? Well, a personal cave with a lock on the door is a great use of the loft space you have created. You can have a man cave full of gadgets, or you can have a girls-only retreat that makes sense for you. Think about the way that you like to unwind, and create your own. Add a refrigerator for your own refreshments that don’t require you to leave the space, and then create your own haven. If you love to read, why not create a library? The loft is your oyster.
  3. An observatory. Do you love all things space-y? Good. The loft brings you closer to the sky and if you have any interests in space, you could create a loft space with a large skylight, a telescope and a comfortable space to lay down. When you make your loft space all about the night sky, you can really kick back and enjoy the way the stars make you feel. You can keep the room dark, and this will help you to stargaze and learn about the night sky.
  4. Rent the space. Have you considered a lodger? You can do out the loft as a guest room and rent it out for an extra bit of cash. You end up pulling back the money you invested in your loft when you rent out the space, and you can create a suite that’s just for the person living up there. Depending on the way your loft is laid out, you should think about adding a bathroom up there, too!
Image Source: Pexels
  1. A brewery. Can you organize a party in a brewery? You could if you converted the loft into one. You can have your very own microbrewery at home and create your own craft beers. You can bring your friends over and do it together, and when you have that fun and banter, there’s nothing better! You can install your own brewery and tasting station. Of course, this won’t work too well if your loft space is tiny but let’s pretend that you have a large loft! Whether you are brewing your beers for an eventual side hustle sale, or you are brewing them just for you and your friends, you are becoming part of something. 
  2. A new bedroom. Are you looking to expand on the space that you’re already sleeping in? You could start up and create a brand new suite that’s just for you. If the room is big enough, you could add the skylights and see the sky while you’re laying in bed at night. You could cover half the loft in an en suite with a shower. The choice is yours and the most fun is had in the planning stages and you can really enjoy every second of the process. 
  3. A library. We mentioned earlier that making your own hobby space is a great way to use a loft conversion and if you love to read, this is a great way to utilise the space. You can add wall to wall bookshelves, comfortable seating or a comfortable fold out bed that gives you the chance to lay down and read. You can add great lighting, a refrigerator and your favourite snacks and even a foot rest! Your loft conversion could become an imagination sanctuary!

The loft space you have invested in should be a game changer for your home, and if you can add any of these ideas, you’re going to enjoy every single moment of that loft conversion you’ve paid for. It’s time you made a choice on how you can use your space!

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