3 Ways to Help Prevent a Stroke

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A stroke is one of those diseases that can strike at any time. Certain behaviours such as the foods we eat, the exercises that we take or fail to take, and certain bad habits like smoking, increase the risks of suffering a stroke. It is also true that age makes people more susceptible to this disease. Have you ever had relatives such as a mother, grandmother, grandfather or a father who have suffered a stroke? You need to know that the risk of suffering this condition increases if you have had a close relative suffer this condition. However, the good thing is that there are many things that you can do so that you do not suffer a stroke. As they say, knowledge is power. It is therefore important that you know how to prevent a stroke and 3 tips to help prevent a stroke.

Lower your blood pressure

This is one of the biggest risk factors when it comes to strokes. High blood pressure contributes to up to 4 times your risk of suffering a stroke and as such, you should always control it. This is the case for both men and women. If you can maintain a blood pressure of less than 135/85, then you will be in a better position to prevent a stroke. There are many things you can do to reduce your high blood pressure. You should reduce the amounts of salt in your food to 1500 mg a day. This translates to half a teaspoon of salt in a day. You should also avoid foods with high cholesterol and do more exercises in a day. You can also take drugs for the high blood pressure if need be, but these should be well thought through before taking.


Lose weight

Obesity is a result of excessive weight. If you are overweight, you are likely to suffer diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. These are high risks factors for you to easily suffer a stroke. You can lose as little as 10 pounds and still make a difference to your life. You may have to work with your doctor on the ideal weight loss program that is suitable for you. You should limit your calorie intake to no more than 1500 to 2000 calories a day. This will however depend on your current BMI and the level of activities that you currently undertake. Increase the amount of exercises that you do on a daily basis for even better results.


Exercise more

It is true that more body exercise results in a healthier body. As such, you should focus on exercises and workouts as an independent means of preventing the risk of suffering a stroke. Exercises will help you to reduce high blood pressure and other diseases that are related to a stroke. As such, doing exercises on a daily basis and increasing their intensity is one of the best ways that you can reduce the risks of a stroke.


So there you have 3 tips to help prevent a stroke and reduce the risk of suffering from a stroke. Always consult your doctor for more information and to asses your own personal risk.

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