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We always love hearing about the latest toys and the latest TV shows so it’s even more exciting for Mia when the two things meet! She loves programmes like Paw Patrol and My Little Pony as she can then collect the characters in our local toy shop and extend the adventures she sees them have on TV, to her own bedroom and believe me; they go on some very exciting adventures with her! One of the newest collection of toys to be put on screen are the Bush Baby World.

Golden Bear Toys have been transforming some of the nation’s favourite children’s TV characters into toys for over 35 years and they have created some lovely collections in that time. One of their newest collections is part of the Bush Baby World and it comprises of collectable toys, playsets and more! The toys debuted at the London Toy Fair at the start of this year and will become available to buy in autumn. However for now they have been working on bringing the toys themselves to life with an exciting new children’s animated series full of the adventures the characters go on.

Bush World

The series itself is based on 6 regions within the Bush Baby World; Snowflake Ridge where you will find the Snowies, Shimmer Mountain where Princess Melina lives, Blossom Meadow is home to the Blossoms, Flutter Forest home to the Flutter-Byes, Crystal Caves where the Crystalites live and finally the Dream Tree where the Dreamstars live.

The Bush Babies themselves are really cute fluffy creatures that feast on glitter corn and spend their day protecting and looking after the Dream Tree. The Dream Tree is very important as every night, it sends out magic dream dust to all children to ensure that they have lovely dreams whilst they sleep.

The webisodes really bring the characters to life and Mia has already watched the first few short clips of them, I know that she will really enjoy seeing the characters in the shops once they launch the new range!

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