Alcosense calibrating with blow tube

Ensure You’re Under the Limit with the Alcosense Lite 2

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A couple of years ago, you may remember we got the opportunity to test out a home breathalyser kit and then last year we got it recalibrated and updated to make sure it was still working effectively as we are still using it. Well this month we were sent the brand-new Lite version to try out so now Mario and I have a home breathalyser each!

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Now you may think, how much alcohol are you consuming to need to breathalyse yourself and the joke of it is that we actually don’t drink that much at all. However when we do go out on the odd occasion I probably have about 4 cocktails and due to the fact we don’t drink often enough, who knows if I’m completely alcohol free the next morning when I’m driving to pick Mia up or we are going out as a family?

The effects of alcohol depend on so many factors and vary massively from person to person so we can never be really sure that the alcohol from the night before has completely left our system before jumping in the car and it’s something I never put too much thought into before we were sent the breathalysers. Breathalysers work by measuring the concentration of alcohol vapour in your breath and is measured in per mil Blood Alcohol Concentration (%oBAC) or Milligrams of alcohol per Litre of Breath (mg/l).

A personal breathalyser kit is a really useful way to double-check you are fine to get behind the wheel and this is all the more important with the Christmas party period fast approaching! The AlcoSense Lite 2 is a reliable, simple to use alcohol sensor. Inside the box is everything you need to get you going; sensor, 3 blow tubes and instructions. It’s different to the Excel version we reviewed before as this Lite version is pocket sized so not only can you keep it in your car glovebox, but you can also pop it in your handbag!

The AlcoSense Lite 2 is really easy to operate. Just pop a blow tube into the sensor and press and hold the power button. The sensor tells you how many days are left before recalibration is needed and then displays the ‘wait’ symbol while its heated to correct operating temperature.

Alcosense calibrating with blow tube

The sensor will then beep, and you can start to blow using pressure similar to a sigh and keep blowing until it stops beeping. Your result will then be displayed. The results are really clear to read. LO indicates no or low levels of alcohol, if you are below the drink drive limit the unit will show you the level you are at, (if you’re close to the limit, the don’t drive symbol will display to warn you) and if you’re above the drink drive limit the unit will beep and show the don’t drive symbol.

It is suggested to maximise the life of the unit, after a positive test the Lite 2 will perform a self-clean process to remove residual alcohol vapour form the sensor and it will tell you once it’s done. 

White Breathalyser with blow tube inserted

The AlcoSense Lite 2 reads up to twice the legal English limit and can be set to Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish and Irish drink drive limits which is really useful. The sensor cleans itself before each use which extends the life of the sensor and it automatically reminds you to recalibrate it after 12 months of use or 300 tests, so you never run the risk of it not working.

It’s well worth having a personal breathalyser kit at home and if you get the AlcoSense Lite 2, it’s a bargain at £44.99. You can always be sure that whatever you get up to ‘the night before’, the ‘morning after’ you can be in the knowledge that you are safe to be behind the wheel and get on with your day!

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