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Cheeky Wipes – The Plastic Free Alternative for Busy Mums!

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Each month I’m going to try and bring you some of the most interesting and helpful products and services we personally use at home each week. These products and services are used personally by me to save time as a busy mum with 2 children and to generally make my life easier! You may also find that they help you out too!

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This month I wanted to talk to you about reusable cloths and wipes and the a plastic free alternative for an everyday baby product. As a busy, normal family, there is lots of wastage and lots of things we could change to become eco-friendlier. I have always been interested in reducing our plastics and making a difference to the world but it’s really hard to know where to start! One of the main things I realised I was using was wipes. I literally used wipes for everything from cleaning Lottie’s bum to cleaning the toilets because, let’s face it, they are so quick and easy to use! It wasn’t until I watched a BBC documentary on plastic that I realised just how bad wipes are for the environment!

I spent a long while researching reusable alternatives to wipes so used up my remaining cleaning and floor wipes straight away and ditched them in favour of cloths and a multi-surface spray which comes in pod form with a recyclable bottle.

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I also stopped using face wipes which I knew were bad for my skin anyway and something I had wanted to stop using for a little while! We have plenty of flannels in the house, so I don’t know why I was using face wipes when a cleanser and flannel are just as quick! I also ordered a pack of face pads from Cheeky Wipes to make sure I had enough to use once a day.

3 grey cloth face pads with pink, black and white bird design

The next thing I needed to tackle was baby wipes. This was a bit harder as we literally go through packs and packs of wipes a week with 2 children and lots of mucky fingers!! They are easy to grab, and you can literally wipe anything with them! I was also really unsure about using anything else to wipe bottoms with! I’m not squeamish but not sure I wanted anything with poo going into the washing machine! I did a lot of research on this and decided to just give it a go!

I ordered a pack of Cheeky Wipes and 2 boxes the next day. The cost at first is fairly high however when you work out how many packs of wipes you will end up buying, it’s well worth it! It doesn’t take long to get used to the cloth wipes, they are gentle and soft for Lottie’s hands and face and you literally only need 1 for a dirty bum as opposed to a handful of normal wipes! Poo’s can be a bit daunting at first but much easier to clean up with cloth wipes and you do get used to do popping them into the ‘mucky’ box until washing day (I wash them once a week on a 60 degree wash with the towels and they come up ‘as new’).

Green cheeky wipes mucky box

I honestly don’t think about normal wipes anymore, for anything and I’m so glad we made the change from them! Moving to cloth wipes was great for us and something I wish I had done a long time ago! Check out Iceni Magazine for more info on how to go plastic free today and if you’re looking to switch to other eco alternatives, The Low Waste Weekly has a great low waste directory for you!

Cheeky wipes have 15% off orders over £40 so why not try them out yourself!

Do you use reusable wipes? If not, what’s stopping you from finding a plastic free alternative?


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